What a morning, life felt different when I awoke.  The first thing I do is take the dogs out, there was a scent I couldn’t place in the air.  The sun was just rising, I was treated to rays of pink shining above a few well placed dark blue clouds, it was a breath taking sight.  There was a lightness in my step and something I couldn’t place in the wind.  I continued with my morning routine, coffee, brushing my teeth, oiling and combing the beard but I could smell that barely-remembered thing in the air.  I was halfway to work when it dawned on me, that known but unremembered scent.  Hope.  I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d smelled hope in the air, years.  Eight years I think, ever since that November night driving out of Vegas listening to the election results come in after I’d choked back vomit and voted for Johnny McLame for President.  What a beautiful, soul-cleansing scent is hope.

I doubt Hillary reads our deplorable little blog but if any democrats do I’ve got a little song of commiseration for them and for poor heart-broke Hillary.  It’s not your fault that the Evil One lost, it just happens.  I’ll let Johnny explain it…

Sorry Hillary, it was past time and I gotta say, I hope there’s a deeper biting, more painful cuttin’ down coming.  Look on the bright side, you’ll look just as good in horizontal stripes as you ever did in your oven mitt pantsuits.

My social media revealed a few more (now) former friends and relatives who needed to be culled from the herd.  I use social media to communicate with friends, not to listen to communists cry because they find it more difficult to use the coercive power of government to bend me to their ways.  My son texted, he scented the same thing I did.  Said the sun was brighter this fine, fine morning.  My wife called me at noon to tell me how relieved she felt, she could feel the weight that had been lightened, ever so slightly, from her shoulders.

Hope can be an evil thing, the ancient Greeks told about it in their mythology.  Pandora had already unleashed untold evils into the world but the worst evil had remained trapped, it was too slow in escaping and had been caught when Pandora slammed the box shut in terror.  Generations later one of her descendants again opened the box and the worst of the evils was loosed upon mankind.  Pandora visited disease, treachery, plague, and thousands of other evils upon mankind.  Humanity dealt with it and survived, then another foolish descendant unleashed the greatest evil ever devised upon the still struggling human society.  What was that greatest of all evils?  None other than Hope.  Hope has kept men from acting in a timely manner, stayed someone’s hand when they they were about to deliver the coup de gras to their sworn enemy.

I must say having hope is much better than having no hope.  The Republican Party has given me no hope for eight long years.  Everything they said they needed I helped deliver, none of the things they said they needed helped.  The House wasn’t enough, the Senate wasn’t enough, well what’s your excuse now you sons-a-bitches?

We are still one more infringement upon my God-given rights away from an all out revolution, I will stand no more, but now there’s hope.  For now that’s enough.



Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist