Question: Remember when Trump announced and everybody thought it was cute and he had no chance of winning the nomination? Remember all that? And remember how Trump kept pushing his polling numbers up with his populist appeal and the wisdom-shapers started getting nervous about it, but they still pooh-poohed him? And remember then how they talked about him being a faux Republican or a faux conservative and he and the Clintons were really thick as thieves? Went so far as to say he was a plant for the Clintons, didn’t really want it, would get out after he wrecked it for the others? And then when he won the nomination back in March, they really started in on how he really didn’t want it, he would throw it? Remember all the stories about how he had given money to the Democrats and really was a Democrat at heart and would do what was in the best interests of the Trump brand? But he and Bill and Hillary were really just tight and hadn’t the Clintons attended his wedding and all this was just a big show?
Well here we are and if you paid any attention at all to the debates and especially the Al Smith dinner a few evenings ago, and didn’t get your panties in a wad over the impropriety of it all, did you notice that Trump either put the lie to all those suppositions, or at the very least, in the final analysis burned all those bridges, thumbed the ultimate nose at the establishment who were sitting there, including all of the media executives, and told a national TV audience whose side he was on once and for all?
Now we have establishment R’s and media types just aghast at how mean Trump is to Hillary. They can’t believe he had the audacity to bring Juanita Broaddrick to the debate, for example. Why, he should just stick to “the issues”, they say.
Step back for a moment and look at the totality of the campaign and ask yourself, how many times do these idiots have to be proven wrong before we just quit listening to them altogether and start believing our own eyes and ears?

h/t: Lady Penguin

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