With Apologies to Mr. Franklin


Apologies because he was absolutely right when asked what form of government they had crafted for the people. (key phrase “for the people).  But what we have going on in the country of late is a whole lot of democracy-bashing.  All of us conservatives are fond of saying that we we do not have a democracy, we have a republic.  But as I mentioned the other day, you can stress the one to the obliteration of the other but you do so at your peril.

A republic is a form of government, but a democracy is an ethos.  It is “one-man (yes, one-woman, Ivanka!)/one vote.” It is the notion that the citizen is the lowest common denominator, and thus the foundation, of the State.  We have, with the Trump Derangement Syndrome plaguing the #NeverTrumpers of various pursuits around the nation (and mostly in the environs of the District of Columbia and nearby) a coterie of people squawking about “nationalism” and “national populism” and various other movement labels that they find repulsive.  The truth is, what they find repulsive is citizen participation in the political process.

David French

My disturbance today is caused by an article written by the National Review correspondent, David French.  His presidential campaign never quite got off the ground, but he works tirelessly nevertheless for….the cause.  He writes the usual stuff about the Fabulous Founders’ oft-mentioned warnings about the dangers of a (pure) democracy, or “mob rule”.  But then he goes further with this:

In other words, there is nothing magical or inherently virtuous about the “will of the people.” The people are just as capable of error, just as capable of becoming tyrants, as any tin-pot dictator.

Oh….dear. Nothing magical or inherently virtuous about the “will of the people”? Mr. French, if you were talking about the people who demanded that the authorities give up Barabbas, we might entertain, even second, that emotion. But we are talking now, not about them, or Germans, or Chinese, but the AMERICAN people, the ones who did Ordain and Establish, for THEMSELVES (and their posterity) the Constitution you hold up as being the be-all, end-all. The will of the American people, the free-est, most generous, most innovative, most industrious and most blessed people on the face of the earth, is not only magical and virtuous, it is indeed “inherently” so because it is exercised under the auspices of Our Creator, who instilled in them the repository of all of the best attributes of civilization’s progress and propelled them to create institutions, and methods, and practices antithetical to tyranny of any kind.

Yes, Mr. French, and gang, any one individual, or group of individuals, or group or cult or sect or Party can become corrupt, or power-mad or what-have-you. But what is absolutely nonsensical at this moment in American history, unless one is so blisfully ignorant and removed from reality, is to start talking in terms of some French-Revolution-style upheaval in America being a clear-and-present-danger.
It. Is. Not. We are not even yet at the point where the people, by “mob rule” as you put it, are ready to alter their form of government, which our Fabulous Founders, of various’federalist’, ‘anti-federalist’ and other egalitarian and separatist types, absolutely recommended if and when the time gets ripe.

Absolute power has not absolutely corrupted the People of America because, simply, they don’t have it. What you, Mr. French, and others are slinging about the countryside these days are red herrings, as they say. The absolute power grab, which is what is actually in play as we speak, is the power of the entrenched bureaucracy in Washington, DC which has insinuated itself across the country, not to be used by the devices of the malignant masses, but by the devices of the city governments, the State Governors, the educational bourgeoisie (like the Communist lingo there?) who are the REAL tyrants these days.

And then of course, there’s this. (h/t: V. Bushmills, Esq.)

“A dynasty of royals, not a regular political dynasty, mind you, but genuinely royals-of-the-mind, is now in launch mode in American politics….all premised on that singular comment by Louis XIV in the late 1600’s…..”

Oh, the people want change, all right. The problem for democrats (small’d’) these days is that they have been relegated to the far recesses of the playing field and have not been able to call the real evil by it’s name. (Because in our Regal Republic these days, it’s against the law). Well, thanks to the current political phenomenon now taking place, the scary “will of the people”, pent up for a good generation or so now, is popping out all over, at a respectable seismometer level of about 4.0 on the Richter.

It would be wise, Mr. French, not to advocate putting a plug in these little relief valves you see operating across the terrain. You see, they are built into that very “republican” form of government Mr. Franklin, et al, put together for our amusement. I have not heard yet, except from the leftist socio-anarchists, any call to devolve into anarchy or even some mythical “pure democracy”. A call to law and order is not now, nor never has been, a call for mob rule. And no, it is not a call for fascism either.

You needn’t fear the guillotine, Mr. French. This isn’t……..France.




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July 23, 2016 6:48 am

Thanks for reminding everyone of the undeniable truths, Bob. Mr French, I’ll see your “clever” and raise you two undeniable truths. The failing right of EE, NRO (most of them) is falling into the same intellectual trap that turned “liberalism” to “leftist” in the 60s-70s, all built of an incredible dislike for the people the Constitution was written for. This is why the likes of French will never debate a very un-average average citizen like yourself. The fear of defeat is great enough, but the actuality of defeat is unbearable, and we’re seeing this now. My Franklin, they hardly knew… Read more »

Lady Penguin
July 23, 2016 2:20 pm

Excellent, Bob. French sounds just like the elitist we despise. Sanctimonious prigs, one and all.