Freedom, Globalism, and America

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It occurred to me that the next time one of the elitist GOPers make a dramatic public statement indicating they’re turning in their Republican Party membership, they ought to turn in their U.S. citizenship papers as well…because that’s the message which is really being delivered.

The Republican Party is on the same course and journey as the Democrats (same as the European Union) – to take away our national sovereignty, borders, and cultural identity. They’re just taking a more convoluted route (hiding more from the people) to get there – but the goal is the same.

I don’t see the same meaning or ulterior motives among the regular folks (like us) who decide to have an independent or unaffiliated political party status. The people have always trusted their representatives to place the nation’s safety and security interests above all else – that was the the precious mission entrusted by the Founding Fathers via the Constitution to all succeeding generations of Americans. Americans were to be concerned with building their lives, growing a great nation, and ensuring that she would stand as a beacon of freedom for all the world.

For over 240 years, despite a few bumps in the road, the country has done just that…but the past 2 decades have seen a reversal of the nation’s course and fortunes. And we’re not talking just economics here, we’re talking about the spirit of the people, of the nation.

The Paul Ryans, Romneys, Jeff Flakes, Rubios, et. al. are the biggest danger to surviving as a country. Their demanding unvetted, uncontrolled mass migration – without assimilation – takes us directly toward a globalist state-federation where we are no longer a distinct, independent entity. Their support for so-called “free-trade” – the TPP, (Trans-Pacific Partnership)is the biggest step ever toward turning America’s existence over to foreign control.

Those who would tear us down, from within and without, refuse to see the danger of a weak America – they’re too busy high-fiving each other over each incident which they can manipulate to tear away the fabric that was once woven so tightly; none of us could believe that it could be frayed. But now, reality tells us otherwise.

When elitists like George Will, Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, et al. get onto their soapboxes and tell us how “wrong” we are, how we must do this or that, how we must reject the one candidate who has actually taken a stand for keeping America free and strong, we have to wonder at their motives. But, in this day and age, it doesn’t take much wondering. The internet eventually reveals all – and each one of them, either blatantly or secretively, are promoting a path for this country that destroys her inner core, the very purpose of her existence.

We broke away from Great Britain – so that we could be free and not ruled or controlled by policies and laws determined by an authoritarian monarchy. Two centuries later we find ourselves ruled by an elitist class – a ruling class who believes they know what is “best” for the people. When the politicians set themselves up as our ‘betters’ then we are nothing more than serfs, slaves and indentured servants. Our new masters are the State.

The Left has been working behind the scenes and are now openly publicly subverting the Constitution and the freedoms granted therein. They “educated” two generations into slavery and submission to the elitist State, not freedom – which was the sole purpose for the founding of this nation.

Recently, there was this story out of Switzerland:

Swiss Officials Reject Muslim Girls Citizenship Papers After They Refuse to Swim in Pool with Boys

Switzerland apparently knows how to make sure their newcomers are assimilated…else you don’t get citizenship.

Now that’s probably on the extreme end as far as my beliefs go, as I have no problems with girls and boys having separate schools entirely – and I’m sympathetic to religious observances for all faiths, but the sentiment behind Switzerland’s stand is sound reasoning. Switzerland believes its survival is dependent on a unity of culture and spirit. In the past, America has always been able to accommodate variations in that context – simply because we are actually a tolerant people, but the Swiss are correct; if you don’t screen or recognize that some people don’t, won’t, or can’t assimilate to gain “Citizenship,” then it should not be granted. Switzerland and her people want to survive as an independent nation.

Britain just rediscovered that they also want to be free and independent, (Vassar Bushmills would say they had found and dusted off their “Magna Carta”) and not ruled by the socialist European Union. Other Western nations are awakening – there is a great disturbance in the one-world, globalist, elitist force – it’s happening here – if we’re willing and stalwart enough to see it through.

Whatever faults or warts a candidate like Donald Trump might have, the one he does not have…is being an anti-American. He has seen the danger to America – seeded and sown by both political parties (the Republicans did it much more secretly) but now it has come to pass that a perfect storm awaits this country.

It’s also too late to even ask the question of how the culture could have deteriorated to the point that a person such as Hillary Clinton could be seriously considered a candidate for the highest office of the land by nearly half of the people. The Left has carried out its mission. The Republicans aided them, some intentionally, some naively, but the result is the same – the undermining of this nation.

So when George Will and Bill Kristol et al. make public statements indicating they’re washing their hands of their “membership” in the GOP or any effort to truly save the country from the likes of Hillary Clinton and the “change” she intends to bring to this nation – they should have a new membership card printed:

“GLOBALIST – Country of Origin: None”


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July 4, 2016 11:18 am

You haven’t stooped to putting on one of those “dumb trucker hats”, as Leon Wolf calls them, have you Lady P?

July 4, 2016 11:30 am

Thanks, Lady P. Only the opening salvo, so keep your pencil sharpened. I think Bob has it nailed, target the pundit class, the political class will fall or fall in line, soon enough. The wrath of the Titans.

July 4, 2016 2:39 pm

I read about the Swiss fines on immigrants who won’t assimilate. They are even fining and refusing citizenship to those who don’t know their neighbors or don’t shake hands. A little extreme, but if those are the rules than those people can’t complain.

Unfortunately it could never happen here.