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Make No Mistake @GOP If #NeverTrump Pulls Off A 1st Ballot Coup; Its #WAAR

There has been chatter and noise from the Establishment GOP who think they can use the PACs for Cruz, Rubio, and other assorted losers this primary cycle to undermine the will of the voters at the convention. I voted Cruz, almost all at this site voted Cruz. He lost. Period. Being a sore loser isn’t going to endear you to the conservatives. If you are angry, tough. We were angry in 2008 and 2012 – no more liking McCain and Romney, than the GOP-E likes Trump now – but the power brokers begged us to vote for McCain and Romney, and once again, we did what the party asked. We voted and we walked districts, and we donated our hard-earned dollars, and we phone banked until we were sick of being hung up on.

We marketed candidates we literally could not stand, but we did it because it was the only hope we had of stopping Obama. McCain and Romney both failed. Maybe it turns out the power brokers were wrong, or maybe they wanted the gravy train to continue, so winning didn’t matter to them. It doesn’t matter now. What does matter is that a small group of rich, pathetic hateful little whiners of #NeverTrump, and their foolish followers, (Cruz isn’t going on the 2nd ballot – the GOP hates him more than they hate you) decided they cannot abide by the decision of the people.

Let this be a call to arms of the Americans who did vote for Trump in the primary and those 86% of Republicans who will now vote for him in the general election. If the #NeverTrump crew do manage a coup, we will actively GOTV on behalf of any competitor to an “R” in our district. You think Hillary is fine for four years? Then you accept that a Democrat controlled Congress and Senate are fine too. You cannot have it both ways. If this country is to die, it will die on the hill of the Democrats – not on a pathetic group of people in the Republican Party who cannot stop Obama and his unconstitutional actions. It will be a civil war and #NeverTrump will have fired the first shot. You think this is a game? You think we have fought for years for a change in the progressive push by Democrats and Republicans in this country to watch the country club Republicans stab us in the back again? This is no game and you will lose. Barbara Comstock, a lovely Republican, a John Boehner Republican, will be the person to whom I personally will GOTV against in District 10 of Virginia. I’ve notified her office, and I’ve notified the NRCC exactly of what I intend to do – I encourage you to do the same.

EXCLUSIVE – #NeverTrump Convention Rebels: We Don’t Need A Rule Change To Stop Trump

Who Are The Rebels?

The anti-Trump rebels include supporters of different losing Republican primary candidates, but the main operatives behind the rebellion are all linked to the man who tried to broker the convention a couple months ago by manipulating delegate elections in various states: Ted Cruz. Cruz suspended his campaign after the Indiana primary in early May but he still showed up to the Kentucky Derby’s “Millionaire’s Row” ahead of the Kentucky primary, where he came in a close second.

But, it’s not just Cruzers. “We come from the Rubio side, for sure, the folks that are behind this website,” Rubio bundler James Lamb, spokesman for, told Breitbart News. “There are folks coming in from Ted Cruz, a few from Ben Carson, Jeb Bush,” Lamb says, calling his group “a broad support system” for the movement.

Lamb said that schoolteacher Kendal Unruh and, seemingly more importantly, Cruz’s Colorado volunteer coordinator Regina Thomson “are behind the main portion of this movement.” Both Unruh and Thomson represent the Colorado delegation, which along with Wisconsin was the epicenter of Stop Trump efforts during the primaries. Unruh and Thomson’s Free The Delegates group has been organizing the movement’s national conference calls to keep people up to date on what’s going on.

Lamb says that the movement started in Colorado, but has sparked “mini-movements around the country.” The Coloradans are joined in rebellion by New Jersey politician Steve Lonegan, the fierce Cruz supporter who ran against Cory Booker for Senate in 2013. Lonegan works for the pro-Cruz Courageous Conservatives PAC, which is fighting to free the delegates.

The rebels also include Eric O’Keefe, the Wisconsin Club For Growth director who battled in-state efforts to crush his governor Scott Walker, and who adamantly supports Cruz. O’Keefe was a big supporter of Cruz’s efforts to contest the convention back in April, when Cruz was still running. O’Keefe is still pushing to dump Trump, but maintains that this is not a power play by Cruz himself. O’Keefe’s brother Kurt O’Keefe is the treasurer of the pro-Cruz Trusted Leadership PAC, which is still operating on leftover donor money even though Cruz dropped out in early May.

Trusted Leadership PAC executive director Chip Roy, Cruz’s former Chief of Staff, told Breitbart News that his PAC is only working to influence the Republican platform and the convention rules for 2020, not for 2016, and that the PAC is not working to unbind delegates in favor of Cruz.

“Trusted Leadership PAC is working with conservative grassroots delegates to ensure future Party rules reflect the interests of the grassroots over the establishment. The PAC has not engaged in any unbinding movement,” Roy told Breitbart News.

Another name also comes up in conversations about this rebel movement: Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia. Cuccinelli, who lost to Terry McAuliffe for governor, is a big Cruz backer who was integrally involved in Cruz’s push to broker the convention. Cuccinelli is not on record supporting the current rebellion. Cuccinelli did not provide comment for this report by press time.

Cruz’s Virginia campaign co-chairman Beau Correll filed the first lawsuit this past week to change Virginia state law to unbind pledged delegates and allow them to make a “conscience vote” on the first ballot.

So there you have it: it started in Colorado and sprouted branches in Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Virginia, and could still grow elsewhere.

The Colorado Republicans infamously suspended their open caucus system in this presidential race. Party insiders unanimously threw all of their delegates behind Cruz, prompting outrage and a protest at the state capitol by Trump supporters who demanded a do-over. Breitbart News reported that Boulder County GOP chairwoman Peg Cage witnessed enough errors in the Colorado process that she told other Republican officials that the Colorado caucus might have to be done over. Some Cruz supporters were actually pushing for a do-over, fearing that the Convention would unseat the Colorado delegation due to the controversy. Unruh did not provide comment to Breitbart News for this report.

If the Trump campaign still wants to unseat the Colorado delegation, now might be the time.

Ball is in your court Republican Party!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy

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This might be why George Will split with the Party, Jaded. He knows they’d rather take their chances with Trump. One of the things Will has gained by hanging around the Left is help him acquire the tastes and attitudes of old money aristocracy without having anyone in your family tree who ever earned an honest dime (Nancy Pelosi). Will looks down on self-made men like Trump as if they were shoe shine boys. Even the RNC aren’t that bad.

But it will be interesting to watch. I’m keeping my rosebush poison at the ready.

Lady Penguin

I think an analogy can be drawn with Pontius Pilate. When he washed his hands of the matter before him, it was the same as by not making a decision, a decision had been made. In this case, they’re washing their hands figuratively, but the effect is the same, handing the GOP candidate over to the enemies, and essentially supporting Hillary. In past elections they DEMANDED we support whatever weakling GOP candidate they put before us, and now they’re willing to sabotage the GOP candidate because they didn’t chose him. You have to look no further than Virginia’s last gubernatorial… Read more »


Right now I won’t predict anything. I know Kasich won’t give up his delegates and I wouldn’t doubt he’s working some scheme with the #neverTrumpers. Kasich is the kind of guy who would rather burn everything down than admit he’s a loser. He’s fund raising for Ryan now “we can’t let Pelosi get a hold of Ryan’s seat” blah blah.

This is one reason I don’t trust anybofvthem.