Sometimes it’s good to remember our US history. Our nation has had to face Islamic states as an enemy and a threat from the beginning. The featured image is a map of the Islamic States in 1800 superimposed over a current map of countries.

It’s worth paying attention to some details that are as true today as they were in 1800. It’s also important to observe some foreign policy moves by Obama and Hillary, and how they are looked at by the residents in the region.

1. Muslims were not then and are not now unified. Then the two main empires were the Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.
2. The Ottoman Empire was comprised of modern day Turkey, Greece, parts of Ukraine and Balkan countries, the northern and eastern portion of countries in the Arabian peninsula, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia.
3. The Persian Empire was comprised of modern day Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and southern portions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan.
4. The western part of Iraq and a large swath of the southern part of the Arabian peninsula were independent of these two empires.
5. Obama and Hillary have put policy in place that give the residents of the former Persian Empire more power in the Arabian Peninsula. This policy is very troubling to the Sunni Arabs.
6. Obama and Hillary ignored Russia gaining power and control of parts of Ukraine.
7. Obama and Hillary meddled in Egypt and Libya which left both countries less stable.
8. The one thing that President Washington and other US Presidents understood up until now is that weakness invites aggression from the Islamic States.

I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.