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The Campus As Re-Education Camp …..

……And As Prototype

One by one, colleges and universities across America are folding like cheap tents, slavishly bowing to the politically correct “diversity”, “safe zone”, “microaggression” movements which in reality are part and parcel of the ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’ as envisioned by the Barack Obamas of the world. You are of course familiar with the hullaballoo going on recently at the University of Missouri and at Yale, where administrators and faculty members are either resigning under fire or going along to get along. We learn today that Indiana State University, in Terre Haute, Indiana has announced that henceforth all incoming freshmen will be required to attend mandatory diversity training classes.

“Three Indiana State University students ended a brief hunger strike on Wednesday after school officials said mandatory diversity training was being implemented for new students starting next fall.

That protest and a demonstration planned for Friday at Purdue University are among numerous campus actions around the country following the racially charged strife at the University of Missouri.”

We know from what limited reporting there is from the national media on the sources for and the forces behind all these protests that they are organized, to a great extent using social media, that their messages are uniform and scripted and designed to play on the “white privilege”, “straight privilege” and other memes. What we don’t pay attention to are the details of their demands, other than the headlines about a university president or a faculty member being hounded into resignation.

The part of “diversity training” that we need to pay attention to is the ‘training’ part. Note that Indiana State University announced that there would be ‘training’ and that it would be ‘mandatory’. Are we all clear on what ‘training’ is? Training is not an informational lecture. When you are ‘trained’ you are told how to behave. You are told how to either think or act or both. If the goal of “diversity training’ was to inform students, faculty and employees that ‘diverse’ types of people are to be encountered on campus and they should not be assaulted, verbally or physically, that could be accomplished with a simple paragraph in the student-faculty-employee handbook, or highlighted on the student’s admission papers or the employee-faculty contracts.

No, training is a serious thing. Doctors are ‘trained’, lawyers are ‘trained’, mechanics are ‘trained’. Sociologists are ‘trained’, soldiers are ‘trained’, circus animals are ‘trained’.  People subjugated under tyrannical statist regimes are “trained”. When you are trained you will think and act in a certain way, and that way is whatever the pleasure of the ‘trainer’ is.

About 15 members of the #freeISU group met Wednesday with Indiana State President Dan Bradley, a few hours after the hunger strike protest started on the Terre Haute campus. The group had started a petition drive calling for greater inclusion of black, Latino, international and LGBT students on the 13,000-student campus, which has seen a 70 percent increase in black students over the past seven years.

So what does “greater inclusion” of blacks, Latinos, gays, transgenders and internationals on campus mean? They are obviously already ON campus and enjoy the same civil rights as any other students, so does “inclusion” mean they have to be “included” in private social affairs, taken out to lunch, hugged and told how ‘special’ they are or what? Only the Office of Diversity Training knows for sure. But a whole lot of people are now going to be trained.

So who is it that will be doing the training? Well, specifically, we do not know. But in general, the training will be done by ……The Government. That’s right, The Government. You see, Indiana State University is a “state” institution. It is funded to some extent by the taxpayers and it’s budget and functions are overseen by the Indiana State Legislature, the Indiana Department of Education and the Governor.


seal of Indiana


So that we can say that if this “diversity training” program turns out to be a push for the acceptance and normalization of (since we know the LGBT activists are involved in all this) homosexuality, homosexual behavior or other social graces not normally countenanced by students, faculty members or employees because of personal or religious convictions, then what we will have is not only the specter of The Government forcing a set of viewpoints upon private citizens, but also The Government, the Government of the State of Indiana, by forcing “mandatory diversity training” on any student, faculty member or employee who because of religious or personal convictions does not believe in embracing the values of the group or groups demanding that The Government indoctrinate, or “train” them in, violating the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which, it must be stressed, was adopted in the first instance to prevent tyrannical acts by not only the US Government, but any inferior government, over people freely exercising and abiding by their religious convictions.

If that were not enough, you probably have heard of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. Well, considering the fact that Mike Pence and Co. actually took it back and modified it to mollify the LGBT activists, we’re pretty sure it’s a joke, but just in case it’s not, here is an excerpt from it clarifying what entities of government shall not impinge on religious freedom:

“Sec. 6. As used in this chapter, “governmental entity” includes the whole or any part of a branch, department, agency, instrumentality, official, or other individual or entity acting under color of law of any of the following: (1) State government. (2) A political subdivision (as defined in IC 36-1-2-13). (3) An instrumentality of a governmental entity described in subdivision(1) or (2), including a state educational institution, a body politic, a body corporate and politic, or any other similar entity established by law.”

So if what Indiana State University, a “governmental entity”, intends to do – mandate that those attending and working there be “trained” in whatever precepts of ‘diversity’ are acceptable to the ‘protesters’, then what we have is in effect the re-education of the population of that university so that they reflect those precepts. You might propose that no one is forced to attend ISU, or to teach there, or to work there. While true, the point remains that religious freedom is not to be denied to ANY person in the State of Indiana as a condition for ANYTHING, and most pointedly not by a government entity.  Or so we were given to believe.

But if you sit smugly in your dorm at some other university, or if you are not a college student but a pipefitter in Crawfordsville or a welder even in another state, you’re not necessarily going to be immune from attempts to re-educate you. For if it (The Government, any government, any state institution, ) can assert itself so forcefully in this “training” business, in contravention of both the United States Constitution and the will of the people as reflected in Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, what’s to keep it from doing so in other public arenas?

For example, let’s say the “activists”, having successfully introduced the concept of the campus as re-education camp all across the country ( and they are on the very precipice of doing so as we speak), ‘branch out” so to speak and begin campaigning to have not only those seeking college diplomas but those seeking……drivers’ licenses, medical licenses, contracts with state government, indeed those seeking election or appointment to public office in those governments now allowing “diversity training” to be mandated on campus, also undergo “diversity training”.   And there are many other avenues for them to explore in their….brave new world.

We’re going to stop and leave it there for now and let the reader contemplate the possibilities. The point is that the camel’s nose is under the tent. The Statists are never ones to rest on their laurels and their eyes are always on the bigger prize. They want conformity; they want obedience; they want control. Yes it would be great if they could get a few hundred thousand college freshmen to dance to their tunes, and could co-opt large segments of state governments like educational institutions, but you have to know that they want it all.

“First they came for the entering freshmen, but I did not speak out, for I was not an entering freshman.”


End Note:  In case you were wondering, most of the major newspapers in Indiana are on board with the Fundamental Transformation, going so far as to call those who dare oppose the agenda “backward- thinking hayseeds”.  This editorial makes it clear that the media are up for whatever the activists want to do, because, like, it’s the 21st century, man!

“Indiana lawmakers have the opportunity next year to show the rest of the nation we are not a state that’s an enclave of backward-thinking hayseeds who refuse to embrace change or recognize that it’s now the 21st century.”

So just in case you think these little episodes on campuses are ‘isolated incidents’, think again. When the media goes to the mat, the Chamber of Commerce, Big Business and the political establishment dutifully pay attention. So should you, my fellow ‘backward-thinking hayseeds.’



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