Update 7/21/15 h/t Vassar Bushmills, another video has surfaced with another PPVA “doctor” interested in selling baby parts.

Jaded by Politics has done a wonderful job in her story about the video that surfaced of one of Planned Parenthood’s doctors casually bragging over chianti and salad how they sell aborted baby parts.

The name of the company buying those baby parts is named Stem Express. A pamphlet surfaced from them but now seems to have gone missing, however yours truly downloaded it.

Planned Parenthood’s director Cecile Richards downplays all this in her “official video”and so has another of her administrators:

However, Planned Parenthood’s name is all over the pamphlet:

Stem Express and Planned Parenthood

And if all this so far isn’t horrendous enough for you all so far, Planned Parenthood went on defense mode and apparently started having women who aborted their babies write stories of how they murdered their child but all is not lost, because well, someone else “benefited” from PP selling those baby parts to Stem Express. I noticed this in one of their tweets:

No, I did not read “Linda’s Story” and never plan to.

Linda stories planned parenthood

I can’t even begin to say how horrified I am. Murdering babies, then selling the aborted baby parts, and then having the chutzpah to try and take the heat off by asking women to what, justify the abortion by having them submit stories of how they may have helped someone else down the line.

Who knows, they could be making up these stories. I can’t fathom any woman writing a “story” but then evil is among us in many ways.

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