Instead of looking at the horserace aspects of the 2016 Senate elections of Republican vs Democrat campaign war chests, polling, campaign organizations etc, let’s just look at which of these 29 incumbent senators have earned getting reelected. From a conservative perspective none of the 7 incumbent Democrats and only 10 of the 22 incumbent Republicans have earned getting reelected.

Back in 2010 some of us thought that if only the Republicans had 300 total seats for both the House and Senate things were really going to get better. In 2015 we do have 300 seats (246 House 54 Senate), and how’s that working out? We just can’t continue to encourage people to hold their nose and vote Republican. That’s not to say that we encourage anyone to vote Democrat. It’s more like saying what Hillary said in a Senate hearing: “What difference at this point does it make?”

The US Constitution includes term limits for senators of 6 years. What is not written into the US Constitution are all of the FEC rules and regulations that offer incumbents a money advantage over challengers. This still should not stop voters from organizing and working to defeat a senator who pays no attention to their concerns. If we only wanted to rack up victories for a political party instead of elect good people who listen to us and our concerns, then we could all be Democrats.

The table below has the scores for the 10 worthy incumbents senators from NumbersUSA and Heritage Action for America. None of the 10 have a below average or failing grade from either scoring outfit. We include the scores for the current term and their lifetime scores as well. There are some who disagree and think some of these 10 are unworthy, and there are some who may feel they don’t have to hold their nose for some of the unworthy other 12. I live in Texas and don’t get to vote for senator in 2016. But if I were an eligible voter living in Utah or Kentucky, then I know I would have no problems voting to reelect Mike Lee or Rand Paul to the Senate.

Senator NumbersUSA Grade NumbersUSA Lifetime HA Lifetime HA Score
Mike Lee – UT 100% A+ 100% A+ 99% A 100% A
Rand Paul – KY 100% A+ 89% A- 91% A 84% B
Richard Shelby – AL 100% A+ 92% A 82% B 100% A
David Vitter – LA 75% B 98% A+ 79% C 85% B
Tim Scott – SC 50% C 99% A+ 86% B 84% B
Michael Crapo – ID 50% C 91% A 83% B 85% B
James Lankford – OK 50% C 96% A+ 79% C 84% B
Chuck Grassley – IA 50% C 93% A 76% C 76% C
John Boozman – AR 50% C 98% A+ 74% C 84% B
Jerry Moran – KS 50% C 89% A- 72% C 76% C
I am retired after 36 years of being a state of Indiana employee. I enjoy writing and reading conservative blogs.