When Shall We Three Meet Again?

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When the hurley burley’s done, When the Battle’s lost and won—MacBeth, Act 1, Scene 1

Three women walk into a bakery and ask for a two-tiered wedding cake. The owner pulls out a catalogue of designs, and they select one and ask for icing designs of a pentagram. When the owner asks about a wedding topping, they ask for three witches standing in a circle. “Well we don’t carry those. Sorry.” One of the women quickly opens a notepad and makes a note and upon leaving says, “You’d better have some when we return.”

Next these three women walk into a card shop, and ask the clerk to direct them to where they keep the cards on Satan. The clerk replies “We don’t have such as section” and one of the women quickly jots down another note. “But you have one for other religions don’t you?” So upon leaving one tells the clerk that by the time they come back, they’d better have a Satanism card section, as well.

Then the Three women walk into a caterer’s storefront and asks if they can deliver a boiling cauldron of frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, with sliced potatoes,  carrots, celery, bat whiskers, toenails, black cat fat, sweat, teeth, and broom sweepings to a spot in a dale just outside town, where the fairy rings are known to grow. That didn’t take long either.

Finally the three women walk into a photographer’s shop and ask if he can come to that same fairy ring outside of town on Saturday and photograph a Craft initiation ceremony. “Oh, Masons?” “No, Wiccans”. “See you in court”, one says, departing

You might ask, how did these three hags know where to go? Found on the door of two was

FishAnd on another door,



And on another


Lessons learned:

After the dust settles in Indiana, and Gov Mike Pence and the legislature have finalized a tiny retreat, but leaving the substance of religious freedom intact, the Left and their caterwauling machine will be allowed to claim just that, a pyrrhic victory in style, proving that  yes, the squeaky wheel still gets greased. But the Left, the Democrats and the radical gay agenda will have gained nothing more. Just another fundraising event for an election where, much like 2014, money may not play that big a role. (e.g., the annual revenues of Saudi Arabia could not make Hillary Clinton appear winsome…or honest…or smart….I could go on, you know.) Not one extra Democrat vote will they have acquired in Indiana, nor one vote will the GOP have lost. The infamous political rag, the Indianapolis Star, will not gain a single new subscriber, in fact, it will continue to sink beneath the waves of red ink, until or unless someone in their inner circle can find a way for 40% of their constituent base, for whom all their political endeavors are directed, can be taught to read. The rest of their constituent are in government, and more than half of that is in the GOP camp. So, things ain’t looking up for the Star.

But the rest of Indiana will rejoice, especially private small business, even without secret symbols on their doors,  for they will no longer have the Sword of Extortion hovering their head that some day the Three Witches might come onto their property and demand services celebrating their friendly associations with Satan. Tough bat toenails.  Mom and Pop family motels will still be able to just say No to college kids who can’t provide a drivers license or proof of marriage for that drunk little co-ed tagging along behind. The old rules will still apply. No tickee, no laundry. And No shoes, No shirt, No service will still also apply to the open zipper. Oh sure they can still sue, but now good people can sue back, and will win because this laws says they can.

What we have also learned is the true nature of modern fascism (sorry, “crony capitalism” doesn’t work for me), and as Walmart in Arkansas is proving today, and the von Schachts, Krupps and Speers proved in the 1940s, whose  grandfathers would have never even shook hands with that little Austrian corporal, it takes at least two generations for corporate leaders to forget the shoulders they are standing on. After the founder is dead, and his boardroom memory forgotten, and as “Grandpa” passes onto “Great Grandpa…who left me all this money”, they all fall into the fascist sausage grinder to emerge as the Nietzschian super Corporate Man, modern authoritarianism’s prime sponsors.

CSecond-third generation corporatism is by its nature fascist, making small victories such as these  of the Mom and Pop Anti-Satan League all the more important to achieve.

God bless the Mom and Pop Anti-Satan League, and keep it safe.



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6 responses to When Shall We Three Meet Again?

  1. bobmontgomery April 1st, 2015 at 9:19 am

    Tied for second place in the list of your all-time best. Lot of normal folk out there aren’t getting this message from their traditional places of worship, so this message today may lift some spirits.
    On the second generation thing, I always marveled at the audacity of Jay Rockefeller. Gratitude isn’t in the dictionary anymore, and the concept of lookin’ down that road? Hah!
    The chattering class who railed against the “Robber Barons” in the old days now worship at the altar of Bill Gates and Tim Cook.

  2. LadyImpactOhio April 1st, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    Great way to explain what isn’t wrong about Indiana’s new law. Frankly I’m surprised the ACLU hasn’t demanded Hobby Lobby, ChikFilA and other Christian businesses be open on Sunday or a Christian holiday.

  3. LadyImpactOhio April 2nd, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    It’s disgusting now how these as you referred them as “storm troopers” are now ruling businesses and threatening lives.

    A group of AFSCME women cancelled a fall conference at a Marriott over this. Glad it’s a Marriott since their CEO came out strongly against this law. These people don’t even care about their faux “cause” because when they boycott they may be costing the gays jobs. But their little pea brains can’t conceive of that notion. I got into a debate with a dude on twitter about this and found out he was from Naples. ITALY. Like they should be screaming “boycottIndiana”

    • vassarbushmills April 3rd, 2015 at 8:17 am

      This boycott has gone past homosexual stuff. Natl Debating Championships being cancelled next year. It’s take on a life of its own, PC-run amok, but also fueled by people and groups (with connections) who will play any card to punish states and institutions who even appear to reward Christians. That is the war, you know.

      WE can do a lot as voters, but the one thing we can’t known is how our elected will react in a pinch, until they’ve been in one. This draws into greater focus the cowardice of the Obama Amin in faceof Iran. Maybe it’s in the American water, not just the Democrats’. If that is the case, the Satanist-Atheists-Marxists, of which the Side Saddle Cavalry are but a small arm, are well within their capabilities of launching an all-out attack on God in America.

      • vassarbushmills April 3rd, 2015 at 8:18 am

        We need to learn how to fight dirty, and we need to, very quickly.

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