It was with some amusement that we read and listened to the calculated and manufactured ‘concern’ by the media this Republican National Convention week.  The scaremongering over the choice of Paul Ryan as the VP candidate. The deliberate omission of serious coverage of the ethnic diversity displayed at the convention and replaced instead by the media’s signature racialist screed.  The juvenile sniping at mythical corporate greed. The mocking of the entrepreneurial spirit. And so much more.

Almost hilarious are the overt or implied charges of racism being leveled by the hacks at every remark by a candidate, speaker or Republican official, or commentator of conservative stripe.  “Pathetic” is perhaps a more apt description of their desperation.  Some of the most offensive, outrageous and idiotic offerings come from the willfully ignorant and stubbornly unprofessional underachievers (we’re lookin’ at you Lawrence O’Donnell, you abject failure) at the venue previously known as MSNBC, soon to be known only as Tom Brokaw’s idiot menagerie because Microsoft wants as far away from that zoo as possible.  (Did we mention that many of the geniuses at the Washington Post are regular contributors to the MSNBC follies?)

Too, there are the hordes of AP reporters and essayists chafing and churning and tossing and turning all night because Romney won’t give them specific details about his plans to turn the economy around.  See here, and  here, for a sampling.  Guess who doesn’t need those details?  The 60 percent of those who turn out on November 6 who will vote for Mitt because some things are just understood by people with brains. The most delicious part of it is that The Press are stymied in their attempts to deliver the goods for the Obama campaign because the Romney campaign refuses to accommodate them by laying out chapter and verse, perhaps heeding the words a wise woman once said about the Eastern Elite Media, “We are not going to Washington to seek your good opinion.”

One of the more ludicrous propositions by the media is that the Mitt Man is a Mystery Man.  This is incoherent prattle, as Mitt’s life has been an open book, and if any details were left out previously, they were all included during the chronicling of his entire earthly existence this past week at the Republican Convention.  It may be trite and a gross understatement, but these people cannot be serious. What’s left to learn?  Boxers or briefs?  We know practically every intimate detail of Mitt’s life, and those of all his relatives and a great big passel of his friends and business partners.  The convention choreographers hauled out one of his co-religionists to give an exhausting account of how Mitt conducted himself as a Mormon. For the love of Pete, the RNC went above and beyond and over the top and provided  a liberal Democrat to testify about Romney.  These hacks who think they are being useful, and it remains to be seen how useful they will be, are self-humiliating caricatures.  What must it be like to be devoid of self respect and honesty and credulity?

Look, we know what they are.  We know what they have been for lo these many years and we know how they are produced and whose boots they lick.  It really is hardly worth wasting our precious time on them except…except to note one remarkable thing.  These days, in all their rantings and ravings, and all their biased “reporting,” all the half-truths, untruths, false assumptions and ridiculous propositions, more often than not they are quoting themselves, they are interviewing themselves and they are getting their source material from themselves.  They aren’t even bothering with the tedium of going to Republican politicians or even to their homeys –  Democrat politicians or paid Democrat operatives or Democrat pollsters or Democrat elder statesmen.  The Democrat campaign talking points are not coming from the mouths of Democrats, but from The Media.

This entire campaign has turned into one of The Media versus Romney.  Except to beg for money, Obama and Axelrod seem to have almost retired from the field of battle, perhaps because they can’t seem to enlist or conscript any troops anymore, and many of the ones they have are excusing themselves from the contest. Some, like the thick-skinned Artur Davis, have actually gone over to the other side.  Of course a lot of it is just the plain fact that Obama and Axelrod have got nothing. There is nothing for Obama to run on.  Zilch.  Nada.  How bad is it?  It is so bad that they won’t even talk about the signature (and only, except the criminal ones ) achievement of his presidency – Obamacare.  They won’t even mention it, it is such a dirty word among the electorate.

The media are in a perfect quandary these days, because they know the bed they have made and have laid in all their professional lives and they know it is infested with the bugs of anti-Americanism and they know that We The People, (and more and more of Us People every day), are hip to it.  Their days are so numbered you can almost count them on one hand.  They are so mistake-prone, bumbling, gaffe-ridden and such laughable Democrat Party tools these days that  John Sununu uses them for punching bags and Newt Gingrich is spinning their lunatic racialist verbiage back upon them without breaking a sweat.

Sixty-three days out from the election and one hundred forty days out from the inauguration of Mitt Romney, the new American President, when, and if there is any justice at all, it will suck to be The Media because they have so abused their privilege they will not be trusted with the President’s daily workout schedule, let alone meeting schedule.   Let them communicate with their JournOlists and Talking Points Memos and Media Matters associations.  Let them continue to interview themselves, to solicit opinion among themselves, to form consensus among themselves.  Indeed, let them rant and rave and literally talk to themselves like the babblers they are.  There is nothing they can do to Mitt Romney.  Nothing.  They have only to turn on themselves, now.  They are already starting to.  See the comments of one Judith Miller at the ‘stubbornly unprofessional underachievers’ link above.  She is a New York Times/NPR prodigy. Wikipedia entries attempt to give her cover as conservative-oriented, but that is a cultivated misdirection.  She is a Progressive Priss and a dues-paying member of The Club.  But she, like others, will don the chameleon suit to try to soften the blows of the fate of the media chattering class.

How bad is it already?  Sample this from the recently departed ‘public editor’ (ombudsman) of the New York times:

Across the paper’s many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism – for lack of a better term – that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.

As a result, developments like the Occupy movement and gay marriage seem almost to erupt in The Times, overloved and undermanaged, more like causes than news subjects.

The Times’ executive editor was not pleased with Mr. Brisbane’s remarks, but she needn’t have fretted so – what he said wasn’t news to anybody.

These people, as a class, may be on the verge of engaging in an orgy of self destruction.  The jig is about up and we, the humble, unpaid correspondents and pamphleteers across the land meting out truth and common sense,  in stark contrast to their outrageous dereliction of duty, could not save them if we wanted to.   Their Pulitzers and Peabodys are just as much a joke as Obama’s Nobel. Once upon a time we wanted them to self-correct. But the vast majority of them are beyond redemption, as in the case of the recent jobless statistic David Chalian of Yahoo News. Now, we just want to save our country.  The mighty Press can contemplate its uncertain fate while We the People right the ship of state.

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