Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. The old lesson was learned the hard way by the ancient Trojans. Be careful of anything packaged so prettily and encouraged so strongly. The Republican Party has a long history of doing this. But we don’t have to go back too far in years; look at the past three decades. The candidates the Establishment GOP has supported left a lot to be desired, and the electorate proved it to them. Will we ever get over nominee John McCain, the guy who said, “Mr. Obama will make a fine president”? Looks like they’re about to do it again to the conservative base of the Party. Nominate someone for president who is lacking in conservative credentials, and who is desperately trying to find the words to portray himself as a conservative in order to fool the people one more time.

Mitt Romney – I have finally figured out what bothers me about the man. He is a Democrat, not a “moderate” Republican, and certainly not a conservative. Mitt Romney was mostly an unknown for many of the apolitical people in 2008, though it is clear he had been a politician for a long time. The trouble for me, and I am sure many others, is that the more we learn about Romney the more negative is our impression. Generally, he was known as the guy who turned around the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Now we learn that he denied free passes to 9/11 families – widows and orphans, only to turn around and give them to Utah legislators.

Mitt Romney has been given the almost glib name of “flip flopper.” This is actually much more serious than many people realize. It is understandable when a person changes his views on one issue, but to see Romney flipping on everything makes him a little more than suspect. When I first learned that he was running, the thought crossed my mind, “well, at least he is a social conservative, after all he is a Mormon.” Mormons have some very solid social conservative beliefs. But no, Romney is not really a social conservative. When he ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, he was adamant in his stand for abortion, disguised as “pro-choice” and protecting women’s health. Now, he declares he is pro-life and anti-abortion. On this issue one might give him a pass, except his signature Romneycare (Commonwealth Care Act) which came after his “conversion” expanded all kinds of rights and privileges to Planned Parenthood, and includes forced coverage for not only birth control, but morning-after abortion pills, and taxpayer-funded abortions. What he couldn’t get in the front door, he moved to the back door. It’s called political expediency.

Mitt Romney has earned that dubious nickname, “flip flopper.” Take his stand on gays in the military; he was for the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy before he was against it. He was also for TARP before he was against TARP. He was for the Recovery Act before he was against it…all those stimulus funds frittered away. He was for the auto-bailout before he was against it. Read about them here; the Democrats have done their homework, why haven’t we? Let’s add one other that is important as it goes to the very heart and structure of society, the family unit. One man and one woman have been determined by over 5,000 years of human history to be best for the begetting and raising of children. Of course, there are variations – widows raising children, widowers raising children, grandma, grandpa, etc. But the idea that it is “normal” and “right” for two people of the same sex, which goes against the core beliefs of major religions, to adopt a child as a new societal construct, that isn’t social conservatism. And where did Romney stand on this issue? He supports gay couples adopting. He hides it in his trumpeting of making these things a states’ rights issue, but the end result is a decimation of the foundation of society. His progressive liberal beliefs have forced Catholic Charities in Massachusetts to shut down all of their adoption programs, because the State was coming after them for not letting children be adopted by gay couples. The State does not care if it violates their religious beliefs.

We now see the Federal government (Obama’s administration), passing laws and regulations which violate, on a national scale, religious institutions’ faith beliefs – they’re being forced to cover birth control and abortion medications and services. It is a downward and treacherous slide when the secular state can overrule faith-based institutions in a country which has had at its core, the foundation of religious freedom. Secularism and faith can exist side by side in a society, but not when one tries to destroy the other. Mitt Romney is representative of the liberal progressive cancer infecting this nation. The Establishment GOP, so-called moderates, are “Democrats” in the Republican sheep’s clothing, some worse than others, but most firmly believe in the idea of statist control over people’s lives. The founding fathers’ concepts of individual liberty and freedom has been slowly sapped from the public consciousness.

The push for Mitt Romney by the elitist Republican establishment is more than disturbing. Nominating a center left progressive as our candidate may actually cause us to lose the presidential election. Mitt Romney’s own political record shows his liberalism, and his party affiliation and voting record shows he was more aligned with Democrats than Republicans. His record shows he supports Big Government all the way. Despite Romney’s protestations, he isn’t fooling the conservative base, nor the Tea Party folks. A leopard does not change his spots. So why are all the pundits and so-called conservative media venues supporting him over other choices? Electability? No, we always lose when they put forth a “moderate.” The Establishment GOP, the so-called moderates, think they’ll be able to hold onto power and control by going this route. They’re willing to sacrifice all the principles which distinguish us from the leftist Democrat Party in order to maintain their own power. Our modern day political class has become the aristocracy we fought off over 200 years ago.

Mr. Romney is a Democrat in heart and mind, and is running on our ticket because we don’t throw these people out. The Establishment GOP has a bunch just like him. We are now seeing what has happened to our party. We’ve spent three years not only learning about the radical left turn our country has taken, but we’ve also learned about how our own Republican party has moved left. Unless we stand up and say “no” loud and clear, we’ll continue to be marginalized and forced to accept candidates like Mitt Romney. Furthermore, the current fracture in the GOP will become a fissure. Maybe it is supposed to happen. None of us know for sure, but operating from a mindset that the GOP will do the same things, only “better” is suicide for the nation. This then, is the Republican Trojan Horse delivering the “Democrat” Romney to the people.

Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)