A harbinger of doom; that is what President Obama has become. So says WaPo columnist Kathleen Parker. Oh Kathleen! You’ve come a long ways baby. I’m glad you see how the hope and fundamental change have resulted in fundamental destruction. The president looks desperate because he owns an economy made worse by his massive government intervention. No amount of glad-handing and bus tour baby-kissing can change the facts.

A bus tour is not a bad idea to reconnect with everyday people, but this one is ill-timed and looks desperate. If you’re confident in your presidency, you ignore the impotent opposition while they slug it out.

Otherwise, the bus is a stab in the heartland. We’re a red, white and blue nation, colors of optimism and hope. Or, thanks to Obama’s rhetoric, we’re at least a purple nation. Lavender polka dots would have been better than a black mass that penetrates amber waves of grain like an armada of doom.

No doubt there are good reasons for the color and construction. But as political symbolism, the mega-hearse looks like a creation out of Batman and the president appears as Paul Revere of the Apocalypse.

Apparently Kathleen just doesn’t like black. Busses, OK?

In a way, I would like to welcome Parker as she tries to come back from the dark side of flirtation with hopey, changey. Red, white and blue is so much better. Sorry though, the same as with Peggy Noonan, I can not forget how you were unfaithful. You were Benedicts of fundamental change. Some broken hearts never mend.

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