Yesterday, thirty plus United States military personnel were still alive. Today they are not;

Coalition forces suffered the largest loss of life in a single incident since US forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 when a transport helicopter crashed during a raid in eastern Afghanistan, killing 31 US and seven Afghan special operations forces. The Taliban and an Afghan official claimed the Chinook was shot down, but ISAF would not confirm the reports.

The helicopter crashed today while conducting a raid in the Tangi Valley in the Saydabad district, a known haven for the Taliban in Wardak province. Thirty US troops, including 25 Navy SEALs, an interpreter, and seven Afghan special operations soldiers were killed, according to ABC NewsThe Associated Press reported that more than 20 members from Naval Special Warfare Development Group, more commonly referred to as SEAL Team 6, the unit that carried out the raid that killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on May 2, were killed. There is no indication that the SEALs killed today were involved in the bin Laden raid.

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The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) was responding to other personnel reportedly under fire and in need of assistance. I hate passing on anything other than that, as it’s all leaked information from sources who “…spoke on condition of anonymity…” which means they have no business saying anything at all. I hate leakers.

If it’s indeed true that the majority of servicemen killed were members of DEVGRU, then the Taliban indeed got lucky today; but that’s all it is, dumb luck whatever else they may claim. One day soon that luck will fail them, and hopefully the last thing they see on this earth will be a Trident.

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[UPDATE] It was indeed a rescue mission, as US Army Rangers were under attack;

The Chinook chopper was on a mission to back up U.S. Army Rangers, who had come under fire by Afghan insurgents in the area, military official said.
The team had completed their mission of subduing the attackers, and were departing in the helicopter when it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.
The other official said that the Rangers, special operations forces who work regularly with the SEALs, secured the crash site afterward. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the event while the investigation remains ongoing.
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