Independence Day is one of the nation’s lighthearted celebratory days – cookouts, family, sunshine – it isn’t (nor is it meant to be) the solemnity of Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.  Yet, in many ways it is a profound and solemn occasion.  It is the remembrance of turbulent times, a revolutionary era when blood was shed, men died, families were destroyed, friendships broken, loyalties questioned.  Much pain and sacrifice went into securing the birth of this great country we call America.

We honor thee, America.

America is a nation that the world has looked to for over two centuries as a source of freedom and hope –  religious freedom, hope of a better life, hope for another chance or a first opportunity.  America offered this to all. These are not trite words to be said lightly or taken for granted.  Their meaning is just as important today as two hundred years ago.  These are the beliefs and dreams that proved true to the vast immigrant hordes that crossed the world’s oceans (and still do), to a land they heard and believed offered a better life.  They fled oppressive governments, starvation, pogroms, all for an unknown quantity known as America.  They knew that an individual could come to America and work – work in factories, farm the land, or fish her vast water resources.  They could build their own “House” (Moses Sands), and make a new life for themselves and their families. They did this by helping each other, families and neighbors, not government.  They did not want and even feared to have government in their lives.  Government from the land of their birth had been something to be avoided; America meant freedom from such fear.  It also meant freedom from dependency on ruling powers.  Here they could stand on their own two feet, independently succeed or fail, responsible and accountable to themselves and their loved ones, not beholden to anyone who held their very survival in their tyrannical bureaucratic hands.

We honor thee, America.

America has been called a majestic and great land.  One of unsurpassed beauty.  It is a country founded and secured under the tenets and concept of a Supreme Being.  There is a morality attached to her foundation.  The Founding Fathers knew and believed that it was the only way their vision for this Republic would survive.  To deny this premise is to deny America and sow the seeds for her destruction.  The Left seeks to do this – destroy her foundation and the American Dream is destroyed, for ourselves and the rest of the world who look to America in hope.  But, we are not willing to let this happen; we’re not willing to let darkness descend and destroy this noble nation.  We will not let her be dishonored.

We honor thee, America.

July 4th is an awesome and wonderful day to celebrate.  We’re celebrating the birth of our nation.  On this day we honor her Constitution – the foundational blueprint that established and secured her future for generations to come.  The Declaration of Independence declared “Inalienable Rights endowed by our Creator.”  On this day, too, we honor her military – from those who first gave their lives in the Revolutionary War, to the present – all in the name and cause of freedom.  On this day, we also honor her people, a good and decent and moral people, generous and imbued with the American spirit and character.

This Independence Day, let us remind ourselves about the specialness of our great country.  Let us stand by her, let us uphold her, not destroy her. Let us protect America from the insidious enemies from within, let us not be complacent, nor take for granted the incredible gifts she has offered to past, present, and future generations.

Yes, we humbly and with gratitude, honor thee, America.

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