In fact, he is almost so small as to be inconsequential.  In fact he is inconsequential, but we use him today as a  prime example of the –  hubris is too noble a word so we will say ignorant vindictive pomposity, of the press.  Bill Keller used to be the executive editor of the New York Times.  Now he is just a writer.  He was an incompetent editor.  He is a spectacularly poor writer.  He is a pisspoor excuse for a man.

     Bill Keller wrote a piece a couple of days ago for NYT Magazine about Sarah Palin entitled “The Tom and Jerry Problem”.    Well, isn’t that special.  In the piece,  Keller comes off as a whining, spoiled, insipid brat, which he is;  tries to sound morally,philosophically and intellectually above Sarah Palin, which he is not;  continues to spread untruths about Palin concerning her correctness on matters of history, in which he is not alone but is uninformed and/or unprofessionally dismissive; and generally brings to mind an annoying crybaby.  A drug-free eighth grade student could pick apart Keller’s piece as being an example of hypocritically insufferable unsupported presumption and rant written by perhaps a drug-addled eighth grader.

     But all of the above is not the reason Bill Keller is a tiny, tiny man. In his piece, while bothering to lamely appear to be sympathetic to Palin’s displeasure over the way her daughter Bristol was treated by the press ( we assume to try to show how big he is)  he nevertheless quickly deflates to his remarkable diminuitiveness when he mocks ten-year-old Piper Palin in the matter of Sarah’s “One Nation” bus tour:

The most surreal moment in this odd cavalcade was 10-year-old Piper Palin scolding a Time magazine photographer, “Thanks for ruining our vacation.” That was the sound of a kid lashing out at her mom’s new live-in boyfriend.

     Bill Keller pretended to be a newspaper editor and now, in addition to pretending to be a writer, has the gall to pretend to be a psychologist and use Piper Palin as the poster child for the entire Sarah Palin enigma that Keller cannot, and never will, understand. In so doing, he is no better than the ones who used Bristol Palin to get at Sarah. In fact, he is worse, because the bloom came off the elite media’s meme about Sarah Palin two-to-two-and-a-half years ago and not only that, the dirt, shame, scandal and humiliation that was supposed to show up on Palin’s balance sheet as a result of the Times’ and Post’s and others’ ridiculous and transparently malicious crusade for “the e-mails” failed to materialize and the whole world now knows that, in fact, Sarah Palin might just be the most honest, respectable, sincere, capable and modest politician and erstwhile officeholder in modern history.  Did we mention admirable?  In fact, Keller incredibly does not even mention the e-mails, which were released and pounced upon over a week ago.  So for Keller to do what he does now can mean only one thing – he is of a singular mind to destroy a woman, and is callously uncaring about collateral damage; indeed has a soul that allows him to mouth concern for the victimization of a child while in the next breath  using that child’s much younger sister to destroy their mother.

    He is at once a vain, incompetent, false sponsor of noblesse oblige and a petty abuser of women and children and those he thinks are beneath him.  He is an ignorant fool; not only ignorant of fact and circumstance, but ignorant in the ways of the world of the folk and their values.  Not only is he a fool, but he is apparently a stubborn fool for he refuses to accede to the results of the Boston Herald’s examination of what Sarah Palin knows about history, for example, and he refuses to acknowledge the universal recognition of the character and worth of the woman evinced by “the e-mails” and insists on belittling her and finding synonyms for stupid and paraphrases for incompetent to scrawl upon the dirty grey wall that is the New York Times.

     And one more thing.  His churlish, childish tantrums and fits of pique about Palin’s circumvention of the mainstream press, given at the same time he pretends to praise Ronald Reagan for doing the same thing, as he belatedly on behalf of his press bretheren condescendingly asserts that Reagan was a man of substance and ideas, show him to be not only a misogynist and an opportunistic glad-hander in the pocket of the political activist group we know fondly as the Social Democrats, and probably a card-carrying   member of that swell bunch known as the JournOlisters,  but to be under the mistaken impression that a person who is not in office and not a declared candidate for office owes him and his chuckling, chortling,  sneering, haughty comrades the time of day.  She does not.  Even if she were, she does not.

    And so in closing, we say with all sincerity and hope for his continued shrinkage as a persona of consequence, ” (Redacted) you, Bill Keller!  And the tiny little miniature toy pony you rode in on.”

Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.