Updated: Weiner’s got a Problem


And it isn’t erectile dysfunction.

His problem will surely get bigger and bigger if he doesn’t get his hands around it. It could very well explode in someones face if he’s not careful.

His staff must be at attention at all times, by Tuesday it will be hard to get a grip on the growing problem. It’s gonna get ugly for Mr. Weiner, at least that what his wife said..

First they said Breitbart photo-shopped the Yfrog screen-grab. But then Weiner came out and did not deny there was a tweet and the tweet linked to a yfrog image, but not the Yfrog image of his member. But wait, he then said his account was hacked and the picture posted on Yfrog by the hackers. Did they hack his Yfrog account also? Does this mean Breitbarts screen-grab is Not photo-shopped after-all?

The contortions made by the left to protect their Weiner would make the Kama Sutra proud. It seems they’ll go to great lengths.

The new defense is now some guy has been stalking Weiner for some time. He managed to hack into Weiner’s twitter and set him up. There are so many different directions these things could point too. The spin is enough to make a bald man puke.

Please tell me what scenario is more likely?

1) Some Weiner-obsessed guy on Twitter managed to figure out Weiner’s passwords. He decides to set Weiner up to make it look like Weiner is sending dirty pictures to a young college student. He hacks into Weiner’s accounts, posts the picture, but does nothing to lock Weiner out of the accounts, allowing Weiner to quickly delete the offending post.

Then the guy personally starts re-tweeting his own hacked post, bringing tons of attention to himself. Then he starts contacting the likes of Dana Loesch and Breitbart so that they’ll run with the fictional story that his acts of hacking have allowed him to create.

THEN, when he’s eventually accused of being the hacker, he not only denies it, he seems perfectly willing to be investigated on the matter. Hell, he invites it. Well, you know, just as soon as Weiner gets around to reporting it.

Oh, and the best part, the guy executes his master plan ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, making sure that it doesn’t get much play in the MSM for two straight days.


2) Weiner was attempting to DM a naughty pic to someone, accidentally made it public, and has been covering his butt ever since.

Maybe it was his staff. Whatever monkey thought that was OK needs to be slapped. A rigid defense Tuesday morning will help.

Mr. Weiner should come clean or whomever erected this tower of baloney should be bludgeoned with a beefsteak.

Here’s some updates…and the VRWC can pat itself on the back for Forcing the MSM to start reporting this scandal, Brilliant!


Update II: If the Conservative Media Wants To Bury This Too, Congratulations, You’re About To Win

Update III: Weighing in on Weiner

Update IV: Deep Weiner

Update V: Worst Press Conference EVAH! (Video)

Update VI: Florida Congressman Calls For Investigation Into Weinergate

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May 30, 2011 4:21 pm


I can hear it now…

I hereby tender my resignation as the Congressional Representative for New York’s Ninth District due to a recently diagnosed case of out-of control blood pressure which manifested itself in an untimely manner.

Queen Hotchibobo
May 31, 2011 1:18 pm

Wait a minute… How, zacktly, did a hacker get a pic of Weiner’s weiner? I wouldn’t think he has those things just hanging around.

Queen Hotchibobo
May 31, 2011 10:02 pm

Let’s get this straight. Lee resigns because he sent a lady a picture of his bare chest. Weiner sends a picture of his rooster cocked and the press stiffs the story? Typical of the left wing media. Their credibility is gone, as the saying goes, like a dollar spent on a drink, head hanging over the kitchen sink.