Obama in trying to slip in his own version of a Disclose Act via executive order (an order Rep. Darrell Issa said was “injecting Chicago Hardball Politics” into the procurement process), drew unwanted attention from Rep. Allen West today as he grilled administration official Douglass Gordon on a few particulars such as “…what has been broken in the procurement process…which leads to this executive order being proposed?”, and “do you support this?”, and failing to get any answers, “Why are you here?

…when [West] grills Obama admin lackey Douglas Gordon on the executive order drafted to force companies that do business with the government to disclose their employees’ political contributions, he knows what he is talking about. The bureaucrat insists that contract officers would “never” actually use that information in weighing the awarding of contracts, but never justifies that assertion. West finally gets the bureaucrat to admit that he isn’t even in a position to assess the draft executive order, West cuts to the heart of the conversation: “Why are you here?”

Allen West, as a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel knows a bit about the procurement process, and this makes it fun when people like Gordon get sent in by Obama to try to B.S. him before congress.

Of course, everyone knows Obama and his people can absolutely be “trusted” not to let a contractor’s politics to enter into whether or not said contractor ever is awarded a contract. Right?


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