In October of 2010, in a debate over the Governor’s race in New York, a wild and crazy guy named Jimmy McMillan (announcing that he represented the “Rent is too DAMN High Party) spoke at length about the problems New Yorkers faced in these terribly complicated and difficult economic times. Here we are now, in May of 2011…and we’re all looking at a national average for gasoline prices hovering around the plus/minus sides of $4.00. As bad as rent in NY might be, that ain’t got nuthin’ on what gas prices are doing to all of us in each and every one of the 50 states.

Rep. Dan Benishek, MI-01, in a parody of pure genius, brings a little of McMillan’s spirit to the gas price issue…and has a message for the US Senate and that guy in the White House that isn’t actually PAYING for his own gasoline (as he jets around the country talking about everything BUT gas prices):

Genius…PURE genius.

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There is a dramatic difference between Republicans and Conservatives; the former happily sell their souls to the highest bidder in order to acquire political power at the expense of the people they say they represent while the latter intends to see them suffer for it.

When politicians demand that you choose between them and what you believe in, forcing you to wander aimlessly into the political wilderness if you don't comply, they leave you but two choices: give in & go home, or take the fight to them.

I choose door #2.