Note to Obama on Mother’s Day: Remember (W’s) Father


Some conservatives have not been dealing with the Osama hit particularly well. They can’t come to grips with the fact that President Obama and especially his leftist supporters may benefit from the fruit of policies they tried to undermine for so long.

Well, life is not always fair, as JFK famously observed. And he probably knows that more than ever now. After all, no one ever coined the phrase “Fortunate Son” to mock him, the way the left did with George W Bush, a scion of a house not nearly as rich as Clan Kennedy.

Which reminds me. Some have noted that George H. W. Bush went from the stunning triumph of the first Gulf War to defeat in November 1992 in less than two years. With unemployment now back at 9% and three trillion dollars of new debt with nothing to show for it, that’s a prudent thing to remember.

We should also recall that GHWB was, and is, a very graceful and honorable man. The Soviet Union imploded on his watch, and he should be given credit for the continuing stewardship that made that possible. But he did not succumb to the tempation to become a compulsive publicity hound, and never failed to give Ronald Reagan his due for the policies that made it happen.

We have been after bin Laden for nearly 10 years. In the depressing days after 9/11, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. George W Bush, in the teeth of an implacable opposition, constructed the instrumentalities that destroyed bin Laden’s network piece by piece, thus drastically shrinking the size of the haystack. I give the Obama team credit for finding the needle. But for shrinking the haystack, the kudos go to his predecessor, whose working vacations at that Crawford ranch were a sign of the gritty resolve that made it all possible.

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Hear, Hear, Street.

As for OB’s bounce in the polls, this too shall pass.

Erick Brockway

Two words; “Working Vacations”.