Is President Obama a Leader or Opportunist?

May 1, 2011 was a day of celebration and justice. Osama Bin Laden the mastermind of the 911 attack on our country was dead.

The heroes in this story are the Navy Seals and our Intelligence services. Yet, with all things politics, President Obama made the announcement with self-backslapping aplomb making statements such as, “I directed”, “I was briefed”, “I met repeatedly”, “I determined”, “under my direction”, “I’ve made clear”, “weighs on me”, “I look into the eyes”, and “most significant achievement” bringing attention to himself. The usual announcement of something so important to American citizens would usually give high praise for those who accomplished the task and divert attention from self. President Reagan was a master at it. President Obama is the master of “look at me, I’m great.” He did not give one mention to President Bush and his polices that set up the intelligence policies and military actions to bring this monster down. No he can’t bring himself to do it. No narcissist can.

This administration has done everything to try and prosecute navy seals for giving a fat lip to a terrorist during interrogation, denigrate enhanced interrogation, Gitmo, give citizen protections to Kalid Sheik Mohammed and other foreign terrorists. Only after sustained outrage at the thought that Gitmo detainees would be brought to New York and tried in a criminal court, as if they were burglars, did Attorney General Holder relent.

Obama’s polling numbers have been down. How could he turn down this opportunity? I dare say if his numbers were better, he would NOT have given the “go” to the mission based on his agenda and passed actions. However, he needed a bump. He needed the public to see him differently. The compliant media is calling it a gusty call. Really?

Let’s look at Obama’s choices in his decision:

It wasn’t gutsy. He had no choice. That’s right! He had no choice. We live in the information age driven by the new media resources of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news websites, and Wikileaks.

Information leaks are prolific today. If he had declined the hit on Bin Laden, as did Clinton and Sandy Burger, that decision would have come out, maybe before 2012 election and it would be a landslide defeat.

If he had said, “wait” and the decision was leaked, the citizens and victims families would have been outraged. The image of him as any kind of leader would have been diminished further; questions of his lack of patriotism would have escalated and haunted him into the election.

The economy is not bouncing back; its getting worse. Today the new unemployment numbers for first time applicants needing benefits is 474,000. That is the highest in eight months. Real unemployment is near 20%. Gasoline in our area is close to $4.30 a gallon. One in seven citizens is receiving food stamps. Gusty no! Expedient yes! He had no choice.

The man is an opportunist. That’s what drove his decision to say “yes” for Navy Seal Team Six to enter that compound and do the job for which they are trained. Once the leak that the CIA found Bin Laden and Obama refused to take action, his name and legacy would have been mud in the history books.

What does he do? He denies the citizens and our troops the right to see the photo proof that Osama Bin Laden is dead. That folks, is NOT gutsy. That is the cowards way out.

In a desire “not to offend” he denies us that right. “Not to offend” who Mr. President? Those who harbored him for close to ten years? Those who put out a “kill order” for anyone creating a cartoon about Mohammed? “Not to offend” those who killed and burned bodies of our citizens and hung them from bridges? Those who beheaded Daniel Pearl? Those “peaceful” Muslim men who gang raped Laura Logan? Ya we need to be “sensitive” to those peace-loving, kind-hearted people.

WELL sir, you have offended military personnel who place their lives on the line for us every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brave men and women who have fought this battle for ten years because of this monster have a RIGHT to see that photo. You damned right! They not only have the right, you have the RESPONSIBILITY that they know they have won a victory by cutting the head off the deadly snake called Osama Bin Laden. You have denied them the right to that victory. You are NOT gutsy. You are a coward.

I’m sure we can all think of other reasons WHY he had to do it. What would the political ramifications be it he hadn’t? What are the ramifications for not allowing our soldiers to see the result of their hard won battle? Does every family who lost a loved one have that right, should they chose? You damned right.

P. Smith
New blogger, fighting for my grandchild's future.