I don’t usually post UP News updates here but the last 24 hours have been extraordinary.
This is perhaps one of the greatest shows of “American Exceptionalism” ever. Not much point in referencing any other news today. All eyes and ears are on Osama bin Laden’s take-down. Pic below is the front page of New York Daily News.

Osama Rot in Hell

Barbara Walters says it would be BAD to be a Republican running against Obama. Muslim Brotherhood offers different statements in English and in Arabic. Remember, the group that killed UBL earlier smeared as “Cheney’s Assassination Ring.” Should Bush get credit for kill? Taliban commander vows revenge. Michael Moore tweets on UBL killing. Musharraf says US violated Pakistani airspace. Baluchistan “not happy.” Netanyahu congratulates Obama. UBL given “religious funeral” on carrier USS Carl Vinson.

When is The View going to be cancelled? Not that I watch it.

Those Muslim Brotherhood fakers.

Cheney vindicated.

Bush started it, then Pelosi whined. Now Obama taking credit.

Al Qaeda won’t stop. Cut off one of Medusa’s snakes, another grows back.

Dear Twitter: can you PLEASE deactivate Michael Moore’s account?

Heh Musharraf: you failed. We got him. Now quit complaining.

Chants of “Death to America” don’t stop.

Bibi happy, at least for now, with “The One.”

UBL sleeps with the fishes.

I don’t normally add commentary to these news updates however today I will add this observation:

Heh. UBL. Didn’t you always tout it was “great” to die for Islam and your “cause” yet you were caught hiding behind a woman’s skirts.

How’s that “72 virgin thing” working out for ya?

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