Kinetic Khalifate


Sometimes I put on my Commie cap, but lately it seems I’m putting on my keffiyah, trying to understand how things might be playing as seen from the other side of this world Khalifate Konspiracy.

I’m just putting things out on the table here, as anyone who says he know how all the pieces fit, even from the Arab side, is lying. Even Soros can’t be sure. It is very dynamic, and a lot of dynamite and other fusibles are involved, so things can get out of hand. Chaos may indeed be the plan and not the unintended consequence.

But considering the popular notions about the core beliefs of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the American Left, Worldwide Labor, Euro anarchists and communists, let’s see, who else, oh yeah, Ahmadjinejab, Soros, and the Obama White House, you have to admit, there is a real problem trying to square all those riots and street demonstrations in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, and now suddenly Syria, plus an out and out war in Libya…if the premise is that these somehow neatly blend neatly into a single grand plan for regional and world Muslim dominance.

Can the same fingerprints be on them all?

Introduction, a little history

You really are missing something if you don’t read a general history of Islam from the time of Mohamed to the fall of the Ottoman Empire before you seriously study any of the more modern movements. This is in part because there is a greater continuity of both history and culture in the Arab-Islamic world than you will find in the West. What was then still largely is now. Only the tools of jihad have changed. Their histories will not support a Will and Ariel Durant treatment of civilization, dividing their past into various ages. They have never yet had their Martin Luther, Voltaire or Burke.

Do this first and you will easily understand that the Wahhabism of Saudi Arabia is little more than Jed Clampett overrunning Mecca and Medina, then finding oil, then taking Granny, Jethro, Ellie Mae and Rev Zeke Wahhab off to Riyadh to bathe in a cement pond.

The Worldwide Caliphate

The idea of a worldwide Caliphate is real enough, only there is more than one idea of it out there. The Turks had one, having had the last one, the Ottomans, ending in 1924. The Shiites have one, based on the Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, yet to appear, which is foretold with the same fervor among Shi’a Believers as the return of Christ is to Christians. Only it is very dark, if you are Christian, much as Marxism is if you are for human liberty. (Hold that thought.)

And the Sunnis, the principal sect of Islam, have one based on the original caliphates that spread Islam all over the world in the 6th-7th centuries, as far east as Indonesia and west as France. Sunnis and Shiites split off over the right of inheritance to Mohamed’s nephew, Ali, who was one of the original caliphs. Shiites believe the succeeding caliphates should have moved through his line instead of the line of Omar.

All the doctrinal differences came later. So the reasons for the original split should tell us a lot, for if you’ve ever watched the First Baptist Church in downtown Decatur splinter off into the Second Baptist Church, then the Third, then the Separate Baptist Church, then the Separate Baptist Church of Possum Creek…all over disagreements with the Southern Baptist Convention or Dr Moody, and with each other, about varying meanings of Biblical text and where to place the organ…you can see how very human these splits can be. People are people.

The Nitty Gritty

Obviously, it would be impossible for me to identify a combined strategy in the Middle East with any certainty. The scholars can’t either. Do they conspire and send out talking points through Al Jazeera as the Council of Foreign Relations is said to do through WSJ? Or is theirs a “cultural conspiracy,” meaning all the leaders of the Middle East, on both sides of these conflicts, all move more or less in directions that opportunity and religio-political predispositions have directed them for 1500 years?

Is Islamic Middle Eastern history on a continuous loop, just replaying events over and over again?

The Fly in history’s Buttermilk

There really is very little here that is new today, with the exception of the ability to deliver weapons of mass destruction against enemies and destroy them totally, a thing old-style kings of Islam would never, never consider, for it is power over land and people and tribute they want most. This has not changed among Arab leaders in 1500 years. Most are content, like Mubarak, to stake out their little state and settle in to being petty potentates. It’s in man’s blood to be this way.

What is new is Israel, only 63 years old, and it is this place and these people they all agree, they will be happy to destroy utterly. It is the religious mortar that binds them, and take note, it is a negative impulse…a thing to be against, not for. It is “religious” with them. America is the political mortar that binds them, which is not quite the same.

So, who’s on top? Islam or the State?

What also is not new is the juxtaposition of religion and politics. Islam more or less mandates its kings to go forth and spread the Faith by fire and sword. Many a Muslim’s great great grand daddy converted with a Damascene blade hovering over his neck. Many Islamic leaders took this charge very seriously, and still do. But this type was first and foremost of a “Napoleonic” disposition for conquest in the first place, only they never knew of certain laws that Napoleon, who had no driving creed other than ambition, could have taught them, about the over-powering weight of raw power.

For you see, while an Islamic theocracy is always spoken of as a perpetual goal of Islamists…and is central to the idea of a worldwide Caliphate…which Mohamed and the original Caliphs attempted to do….and almost pulled it off had it not been for Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours (France) in 732 A.D…things change quickly once that desert tent and a camel’s saddle for a pillow was turned into a giant palace with cement ponds.

As with every other great “ism,” from the Roman Church of the Middle Ages to Marx and Communism, the accoutrements of acquired power will invariably superimpose themselves over a true faith…

…turning a theocracy, where holy writ of some sort rules the roost, into a state in which the the true faith merely becomes the state-controlled religion.

This is quite a juxtaposition, subtle, yet very true, and one which I believe is not seen by many of our finest scholars. This is already occurring in Iran, after a mere 32 years, just as Soviet communism was transformed in less than 30. The Faith takes second fiddle in the most subtle of ways. The possession of power, and its seductions, often sumptuous, also very subtle, replaces it. This is a law, and one to which Islam has succumbed time and time again for centuries. It is written, and like Marxists, no matter how zealous the first generation, the second and third lose the dream except as shibboleth.

(I won’t speak of the Christian or American republican exceptions to this law but, except to say, both are based on individual choice, from the bottom up, and both are “positive” in nature, not negative. This was proven in 1517 in Wittenberg and in Philadelphia, 1776. Only regeneration from the bottom up can reset a clock. Inasmuch as this same element exists in at least some of the Islamist sects involved in the Caliphate Movement today makes this truly an encounter of world significance…a showdown between fundamental positives and fundamental negatives.)

Al Qaeda has been with us since the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, at least, and the Muslim Brotherhood has been with us since Adolf Hitler. At close inspection it is difficult to distinguish the secular-power aspirations of either from their deeper religious convictions. Of the two, I consider the MB far the greater threat, for they are more political, which is why they are so easily able to align themselves with Marxists (the Euro-American Left and Labor) yet still attack the “secularist” rulers of Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, etc on the basis of their Islamic apostasy.

Down deep, they are just a bunch of opportunists looking for a big land grab, just like their friends and allies, the Marxists. Shades of Ribbentrop-Molotov? Later on, Barbarossa?

In Syria today, Islam is the state church, and has little temporal power except to keep the people in check, in much the same way the Russian Church served the purposes of the Tsars well beyond the Christian souls they had been ordained to shepherd. It was a political arm of the state. The same was true of another secular, socialist Ba’athist regime in Iraq, under Saddam Hussein, but also the more authoritarian, less tyrannical Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the secularist regimes of Mubarak in Egypt.  Each had unique experiences with not only the Soviets and US, but also the Third Reich, placing a fundamentalist target on their backs as apostates to the one True Faith.

How does all this play out?

In Europe, they are a fait accompli…alas, by Europe’s choosing.  The European state class has simply given up the fight, choosing the good life they have purchased on borrowed money, versus having more babies and keeping their species alive. This has been known for years. They have passed the point that they can reverse it, short of deporting every foreigner who cleans their toilets, butters their bread, and cleans their streets. This explains why the Islamists pay so little attention to Europe, who, on the Great Satan scale of promiscuity and idolatry and irreligious behavior, far exceeds America.

This should also tell you something about why Islamists feel the way they do about America. It isn’t religion. Outside of their world, we are the most religious nation on earth. It is strictly “biznez.”

Chaos not Order

It’s not for me to say who is gaming who in this dangerous game, for in the end neither the Islamists, nor the Marxists, will give up their respective religions (except as I have laid out above) to keep a winning alliance intact. I expect they even know this, and I even expect, much like the pacts Democrats routinely make with the Devil, they all know the other side knows.

But for now, the Great Satan must fall and that is the one thing about which they all agree. How best to accomplish this is through chaos…as we just saw in London, where apparently Taser technology has not yet migrated…and can anyone remember the days when an English bobby was the best in the world at delivering a firm billy across the wrists, then a gentle, “Come along, now. Be a good lad.”

Whether Barack Obama is a player or a useful idiot is of no moment in this great Game, for  there are those in his administration who clearly are players. I give it less than 50% that Barack Obama is part of any end-game scenario as currently drawn up.

Still, considering that we are now allied in Libya to some extent with the same people who are killing our young men in other parts of the world, we have to attend to this problem first. As much as we already have on our plate, we must always consider this larger game being played out there, in part, because so many of those players, from SEIU to George Soros to Ahmadinejab, assume we are not paying attention.

We, and I mean, we the People, are the fly in their buttermilk, for none of them, not one, understand the real power of the People. That’s our hole card.

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March 30, 2011 9:01 am

The People are holding the high cards and all it takes is the courage to call. We will.

March 30, 2011 12:01 pm

Appreciate very much your observation that power corrupts, even among the faithful, even among supposed fanatics.
Why do we not have a propaganda campaign? Oh, I forgot, our administration, our State Department and our Defense Department, not to mention media and academia, are corrupt.

March 30, 2011 3:01 pm

If I understand correctly the Caliphate is to the radical islamists what Global Warming is to the envirowackos. It doesn’t matter who or what they put on an altar, as the ends justify the means. Seems the Sunnis, the Shite and the Nazi’s have all joined hands with the Hood, and Hillary is pushing to arm them. Ha. Kadafi just hired an Ortega era Sandinista to represent Libya at the UN. The Sandinistas were/are communists. Uh ho, Obama’s beeitches are now thinking- what to do, what to do. Stock up on popcorn, if it hasn’t already gone for ethanol.

March 30, 2011 5:13 pm

VB’s analysis reminds one of the adage that the only thing those allies respect is power. Regardless of the bungling, it was true in1962 with the Russians (though those were some scary moments for those of us at an impressionable age back then) and it was true when the Pershings were introduced in Germany and it was true when we ousted the Baathists in a couple of days and Gadafy cried “No mas!” Now if we just had a CIA.