A Strategy for Solving Our “Cantor Problem” — But It Requires ACTION. NOW!

If you are unhappy with the intensity of the “fight” in Rep. Eric Cantor, the Republican House Whip, and want him to fight harder for our individual rights, then you’ve got to somehow convince the conservatives in his district to get involved in their local Republican Party committees so they can organize politically to not only challenge him in the 2012 primary but also elect better, more conservative leaders of those Party committees. Did you know that, on average, every local Republican Party committee has more than half of its committeeman slots currently vacant? That means two things. First, our Party goes into battle at less than half strength where it really matters — at the precinct level. Second, it represents a HUGE opportunity for conservative Republicans. If conservative Republicans would just flock into the Republican Party at the local committee level, and fill up all the vacant, voting slots, not only would they turn the Party into a 100 per cent strength, Get Out The Vote machine, but they would also have a solid majority of conservatives inside the Party and be able to elect better, more conservative Party leaders.

The Virginia Republican Party web site is actually enouraging Republicans to join the Party as “official members.” They inform Virginia Republicans who visit their web site that the first step in the process is to donate $45 to the Party. https://rpva.net/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=1 But that’s about all the information they give you. To really change the Republican Party, you have to get inside it. Where you live. At your local committee meeting.

If you live in the 7th Congressional District, I have listed below the web sites for the Republican Party county and city committees that correspond to the list of counties and city governments listed on Rep. Cantor’s web site, also linked below. You’ll see from those committee web sites that in most cases the current committee leaders are not exactly imploring Republicans who visit their sites to become voting members of the Party. For those county committee web sites that actually provide information on how to join the Party, I have listed that separate link after the main site link.

Caroline County: http://www.northernneckrepublicans.org/caroline.asp

Chesterfield County: http://www.chesterfieldgop.com http://www.chesterfieldgop.com/index-5.html

Culpeper County: http://www.culpepergop.org/

Goochland County: http://goochlandgop.org/

Hanover County: http://www.hanovergop.com/ (site contains link to membership application form)

Henrico County: http://henricovagop.ning.com/ (site contains link to membership application form)

Louisa County: http://louisacountyrepublicans.blogspot.com/

Madison County: http://madisonvagop.blogspot.com/

Orange County: http://orangevagop.blogspot.com/ http://orangevagop.blogspot.com/p/committee-info.html

Page County: http://pagerepublicans.org/

Rappahannock County: http://www.demarismiller.com/RappRepublicans.html

City of Richmond: http://www.richmond-gop.org/ http://www.richmond-gop.org/Membership.asp

Spotsylvania County: http://www.spotsygop.com/ http://www.spotsygop.com/membership.htm

Rep. Cantor also provides information about the 7th Congressional District here http://cantor.house.gov/district/index.htm and provides links to the county and city government web sites within the District that correspond to the Party web sites listed above.

Bottom line: if you want to change Rep. Cantor, then get conservatives in the 7th Congressional District to get to their respective local Republican Party committee meetings and become precinct committeemen. If we conservatives can greatly increase the percentage of conservatives at the precinct level within the 7th Congressional District, then we’ll have a hope convincing Rep. Cantor that a more conservative challenger might have a hope of defeating him in the 2012 primary election — that all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout election that he must win, just like every other incumbent Republican, to go on to the general election.

The Virginia State Board of Elections web site’s unofficial results of the 2010 Republican House races that they listed show that no race had more than a ten per cent turnout of active voters and one race had a turnout of less than four per cent! The average turnout percentage for active Republicans in primaries in Virginia in 2010 was 7.21 per cent! https://www.voterinfo.sbe.virginia.gov/election/DATA/2010/3429C052-221D-420E-B117-AB75E2FD4894/Official/95_s.shtml

Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to become a Republican Party precinct committeeman in Virginia provided at Redstate by penguin2: http://www.redstate.com/penguin2/2010/04/16/saturday-morning-breakfasts-evening-meetings-joining-your-local-gop/.

It’s not hard. You just have to show up. Will you?

Most conservatives have a lame excuse. “I can do more with my writing.” Probably not. “I’m too busy.” Reset your priorities — this only takes a couple of hours a month. “I’m not good with people.” Grow up.

No cavalry is going to come galloping to the country’s rescue. “We the People” have to fix this. We’re in the crisis we’re in because we’ve all been too damn lazy, enjoying our liberties, to bother spending a few hours a month carrying out our civic duty to be engage in party politics and, thereby, be the political guardians of our Republic. (I’m guilty as charged.) Each one of us, now, at this time of national crisis, must do as much as we possibly can politically. The best way to do the most is to become involved in party politics where you live by attending your local Republican Party committee meeting. Find yours. Get to it. Even if you can’t become a precinct committeeman, you can at least volunteer in some other way to help the precinct committeemen. You won’t regret it. If we lose our country because of your inaction, you will forever regret that.

For Liberty,

Cold Warrior

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  1. vassarbushmills says:

    This is what we’re talking about, CW. Great piece.

  2. I called the local chairman of the Republican committee in my county. They usually have meetings once a quarter or so. None this quarter, maybe next. Gave him my email address to notify me of the next meeting. They usually don’t update the website, it’s only there to let people know that there is a Republican Committee in the area. They will have a table for the fourth of July parade, and for the street fair also. They are skipping the county fair this year. I’m having a hard time containing my excitement.

    Tell me I don’t live in the hills with the billies. Cantor knows that, and that’s why he hasn’t come to this end of his district in years.

  3. Political Christian says:

    As a former unit (county) chair, in one of the areas listed above, I could not agree more. The work is not as glamorous as complaining, but the job cannot be done with the dedicated people now available. Join the fray, and be ready for bare knuckle politics as the old guard will not go away easily.

  4. redneck hippie says:

    Thank you for pounding this on all fronts, CW. Complaining takes more energy than actually getting out there and doing something, it’s a win-win situation. The only way to lose is to continue to do nothing.

  5. CW and redneck hippie, if you do this kind of post again, taunting the conservatives in Cantor’s district, as though we are lazy or don’t care, I’m going to go ballistic.

    Very recently, there was an article posted that the City Council in Orange County voted against having a “citizen’s committee” for the redistricting plans. Nope, the City Council members will decide what happens, no citizen input required. Does that give you a hint?

    I’ve posted my heart out about how there is a brick wall between the constituients and the GOP parties in the district. I know that there are people who want to at least hold Eric Cantor’s feet to the fire in the district. They have no voice and no outlet for their frustrations. I promise you the voices are squelched. Us Conservatives are not idiots for God’s sake.

    Cantor has the district so locked up and sealed it’s pathetic. Cantor is the 7th district Rep, but, his wife Diane has a very large voice in Virginia politics. I’ll forget about the bank she was a board member of during the TARP funds, but, more importantly she is unfortunately a Gov. Bob McDonnell buddy. I said all along that Cantor was supported by McDonnell. Can’t get any better support than the state Governor.

    Cantor’s wife is the head of the state government pension system-


    She is also on the board of the major media outlet in the state. Cantor never gets a bad rap with the Richmond Times Dispatch.

    Unless you are from the state, and have inside knowledge of the workings in the state, please do not bash the conservatives in Cantor’s district unless you have a plan as to how to rise above what seems very unlikely.

    Love you CW, and we have talked about this off-line. Just don’t put every district in the same bad unless you have a suggestion as to how to get around it.

    • To add to my above post, no one, and I mean no one ever primaries Eric Cantor. The district has there R and that’s all they care about.

    • SEC,
      Thanks for your feedback.

      I did not bash anybody.

      And as for “unless you have a suggestion as to how to get around it,” what I wrote IS a suggestion. It’s strategy and a plan of action. Go find all the conservatives who are sitting at home and get them to the committee meetings.

      Maybe there’s not enough constitutional conservatives in the 7th District to counter Cantor. You’d know that better than I would. But I know this — here in the Phoenix area, in Maricopa County, we’ve got about 710,000 registered Republicans, about 6,700 PC slots, but only had 2,934 of those slots filled as of Jan. 8. It’s now the end of March. I’m told we’re up to about 3,450 or so. And almost all of those new ones are conservatives. How do we find them? We go to the grass roots conservative groups. Per the Strategy I harp on. I know people who will be walking precincts tomorrow. I will be, too. Targeting the “perfect voters” who always vote, determining if they are conservative through a “voter attitudes” survey, and then pitching them on becoming PCs if the are conservative.

      Why are we doing this? Because it will make a huge difference for the constitutional conservatives who may challenge our not-so-really-conservative-after-all incumbent Republicans. And it sends an immediate signal to those incumbents that we’re coming after them if they don’t shape up.

      And because we’re pretty certain that among those 707,000 or so registered Republicans, and the independents and “JFK Democrats” who go to the tea parties, and the libertarians, there are at least 3,800 or so hard core constitutional conservatives who will jump at the chance to help Get Out The Vote for constitutional conservatives running against less-than-conservative Republican incumbents and the chance to actually vote directly for the local and county leaders and the delegates to the state committee.

      Go where the conservatives gather. Pitch them on becoming PCs.

      Like I said, I outlined a template for your district. And it could be used anywhere. It was not meant to be “bashing” of anyone, nor was it. The bottom line remains: “we the [conservative] people” vastly outnumber the RINOs and progressives — there’s just not enough of us in the real ball game of politics — party politics.


      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

    • Having known CW for a couple of years, and having heard his spiel…oh, a couple of hundred (thousand? :-)) times, and having spoken to him on more than one occasion, I don’t think he meant to bash; he’s just myopically focused. Same message to everyone…and nothing personal. In fact, he’s probably the most responsible for where I am now in my state’s political hierarchy.

      However, having said that :-) I do understand where you’re coming from. I’ve sat in on state candidate search committee meetings and they take a dim view of folks who aren’t ‘team players’. And the pressure to conform is enormous.

      It’s one of the reasons I’ve kept my cards close to my vest until I get a better lay of the land. The key is to make sure there’s more of ‘you’ in the room than there is ‘them’. And, candidly, that may take more than one cycle.

      But once it happens, it won’t matter who Cantor’s connected to, he won’t be the nominee anymore and that whole Party apparatus that demands ‘loyalty’ will now be demanding loyalty for *conservative* candidates.

      It took 2 cycles in my state to get rid of the RINO deadwood and get movement conservatives in the state GOP executive committee. But we’re there now, so the people who were getting upturned noses in our search committee meetings are now the *moderates*.

      Take it one step at a time…recognize that it may take awhile…keep your cards close to your vest…find like-minded people…and keep plugging away. We didn’t get here overnight and we won’t bring our country back overnight.

      But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so if you’ve already taken that first step, just keep taking ’em. You’ll get there! :-)

  6. What the VA party is calling ‘official membership’ the LA County party was doing for awhile for the same $45. They called it being a ‘Delegate’.

    Don’t be taken in. You don’t get a vote in the party.

    The vote is free. If you want to give money, fine, But don’t think your donation buys you a vote on the central committee.

    Getting a vote on the central committee, becoming a PC, is a different process.

    SEC, if you care and you are not lazy, then Dan was not talking to you – besides, it’s not about caring or laziness, most folks simply don’t know they can waltz in and start governing their party.

    We are trying to remove that lack of knowledge.

    And one more thing: let’s do the same to Boehner in OH CD 8.

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