Last year I wrote an article entitled, The Absent Barack Obama. The purpose at the time was to analyze Mr. Obama from a psychological perspective. There had been many observations regarding Mr. Obama’s behavior, including observations that described him as detached, indifferent and not engaged. People puzzled over and questioned his strange, rambling, long-winded answers at press conferences, his delayed and almost inappropriate responses to the Ft. Hood massacre and the BP oil spill, and of course, his bizarre dependence on teleprompters. At the same time we noted his and his wife’s extravagant lifestyle, lavish spending on frequent Hollywood-type parties at the White House, and his ability to find time to golf while the nation struggled to regain its financial footing.  Individuals struggled to keep their homes and stay employed.

Even while these observations were made, the MSM continued to cover up for him, excusing his behavior as to be expected due to the rigors of the job, and even inexperience, a word that they refused to hear from the concerned populace prior to Nov. O8. They also said that his decision-making was based on keeping himself above the fray. (Tell that to Sgt. James Crowley.) We’ve been told that Mr. Obama is of superior intellect, a brilliant orator who can undertake a number of arduous tasks at once. No, I can’t say I’ve seen anything that supports that kind of verbiage from the MSM. In fact, just recently, I’ve seen delayed reactions to global events that might make one wonder if anyone told the president that the middle-east is on the edge of a conflagration, and that people are dying under tyrannical dictators. When a recent weekly radio address discussed non-critical events, while Japan was suffering from a natural catastrophe, I wondered, “What in the world is this man thinking?”

Nothing that we’ve seen in the first year of this presidency, nor the second, has shown or proven that any of the hype about our president is true. In fact, just the opposite. The very issues that concerned us before – his inexperience, his lack of empathy, his detachment, his seemingly inappropriate responses to domestic and foreign crises, continue to show us a man who is not a leader, at least not the type of leader that America has come to expect from its presidents.

Americans are a hard-working people. Yes, the Protestant work ethic remains ingrained in a significant portion of the population, (and I believe as long as it is there – there is hope that we will survive). We will survive a political belief system that seeks to encourage dependency instead of independence, living off the government dole instead of living off the fruits of one’s own labor, and trading our freedom, for a nanny-state. All of this is what a Leftist president, and his party, represent.

That said, we have a president who remains in a disconnect with America, and even the world. The world, and our own nation, are struggling, and we see our president partying, playing golf and taking vacations. Once we were uncertain, not quite sure if this could truly be the man we elected to represent America. Now we are appalled, at the “in your face, America, I can do whatever I want” type of leadership. Americans – working hard and helping out our fellow human beings – that’s who we are, and then we’re faced with photo-ops of a president behaving as “good-time Charlie.”

While Mr. Obama seeks to remain an enigma, certainly his plan for 2012, his mask is slowly being stripped away. If you’ll notice the picture at the beginning of the post, it is similar to a Harlequin without the domino (mask). Now the Harlequin has a long and varied history dating back centuries, but there is an element of the president that reminds me of one of the Harlequin types – “he is nimble and performs the sort of acrobatics the audience expected to see.” In the case of this president, even the most supportive audience might indeed begin to wonder about the substance of the man behind the mask.

Many of us knew in 2008 that an individual without a past, with the ardent support of the Left, had been packaged by Madison Avenue and sold to the American people. Now he is our president. How far back and how deep this goes, only the future can reveal, but the results of that election are going to haunt us for decades. So, while the questions remain about who and what this man is, unfortunately, the answers remain the same.

Barack Obama is an individual who was groomed for this time, a product of his Leftist upbringing, but malleable in that he believes in his own deified status; still, a man unable to lead, and unable to engage in a way that makes sense to the American people. There is a disconnect, and he appears disconnected; he doesn’t react or behave as we expect him to; he really doesn’t feel our pain, because, quite simply – he can’t. There is a psychological component, as well as ideological basis for this belief.

We should no longer beat our heads against the wall – asking the unthinkable, “How can this man be our president?” All we can do, and must do, is know that in 2012 we must elect an individual who is everything Mr. Obama is not. The answer to the title, “Whatever happened to Barack Obama?” The answer…Nothing. He is exactly what he always was, a Marxist who wanted to transform America; he is a man who has nothing in common with her, nor does he accept what is beautiful about this nation – her exceptionalism. No matter how the MSM spins the next two years of this presidency, we must remember that while Mr. Obama is entitled to be himself, it should not be at the expense of the American people.

Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)