In a dispatch earlier today we recounted how the magnificent team of Obama, Holder, Jennings and Duncan have issued threats against school officials if they do not join facebook and other social networks so they can catch children teasing one another.  Just a wonderful use of the power of the United States Government and fabulous expenditure of time and resources on the part of those who are supposed to be teaching the Three R’s.

    Now comes word that the issue of voter intimidation, A  GENUINE CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION, is not only not worth the sweat off Eric Holder’s brow, it is an insult to him, and his people, to suggest that he even think about doing anything about it.

You are aware , of course, of the antics of the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia on Election Day in 2008, and if you have been following the story, you know that civil rights attorneys both in and out of the Justice Department, have stood up to expose and testify about the corruption at DOJ.  Also, you know that the US Commission on Civil Rights issued a damning report on this matter.   During the whole affair, DOJ has stonewalled, refused to comply with USCCR and Congressional requests for information, tried to ignore and whitewash the scandal and basically pretended there is “nothing to see here, move along.”

     As a result of repeated Congressional inquiry by at least a few House  members,  DOJ decided it would have an in-house organ, the Office of Professional Responsibility,  look into it.  Well, the results of their cursory examination are in, and the results are apparently in line with the sentiments of Eric Holder that I described above.  “What’s all this nonsense we hear about voting rights being violated?  Go away and quit bothering us!”  seems to be the takeaway.

   As if that weren’t enough, and in the face of the great national debate over the state of how best to educate the nation’s children, there is another travesty coming out of DOJ on the Civil Rights front today.  Apparently, the politicians ensconced at DOJ are bound and determined that, even in districts in Southern climes that are predominantly African-American, the will of the people  in  running their local schools is not to be left up to them, but will continue to be dictated by the Department of Justice pursuant to the stale, anachronistic and unneccessary strictures of measures enacted   fifty years ago when blacks were systematically denied the right to participate.  See this from Hans von Spakovsky at Pajamas today:

   The people in Fayette County, South Carolina, black and white, Democrat and Republican, are begging for help in fixing the mess that is their school system.  They asked for, and received permission from the South Carolina legislature to take measures to get a more responsive and responsible school board in place, and the racialist, agenda-driven US Department of Justice stepped in with the trump card and said NO!

       J. Christian Adams, Hans von Spakovsky, perhaps you have also heard of the courageous Christopher Coates – these men are not rabid partisans, not racist Southern crackers. They are former and present DOJ lawyers having devoted years and years of their lives to the cause of protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and especially and notably Black Americans.    They know whereof they speak. They know what goes on within the halls of DOJ and in the public arenas of citizen participation in government and its attendant electoral activities.  And there are others, DOJ veterans, former civil rights activists, the likes of Bartle Bull, Gregory Katsas, Arnold Trebach, Karl “Butch” Bowers.  And they know there is a cancer within the Department of Justice of the United States of America.  It must be cut out.

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