Short: NLRB Admits Google/Administration Collusion (Updated)

Now we know at least one of the products of all those frequent meetings with Google’s Eric Scmidt at the White House. LaborUnionReport and others called attention to it yesterday. Certain union related searches on Google were bringing up ads on how to form a union (screencaps in the stories linked above). Today the NLRB announces discontinuing the ads:


Fact Check

This feature encourages accuracy in the media by correcting common misperceptions and errors of fact when they are brought to our attention.  Google Ads It has been reported that the NLRB spent Agency funds on Google ads.  An initial review indicates that the ads were provided at no charge beginning in 2008 by Google. The Agency has decided to discontinue them.

Fewer than half a dozen blogs posted about this practice at the NLRB, and as would be normal, everyone simply assumed that the NLRB was paying standard Google rates for the ads.  Google, when you are running a pro bono ad, you should have a little icon that so informs us.  To do otherwise would be evil. In less than a week, a few simple blog entries changed the unsavory practices of a major government agency.   That the unsavory practice was changed so fast and with so little prompting suggests the the NLRB knew full well  that the practice was wrong. So we are to conclude that since Obama’s election season on forward, Google has been running free ads for the NLRB.  I wonder what other agencies get ‘free’ ads from Google?  They don’t seem to realize just quite what they are admitting.  Guess we’ll have to start checking. The NLRB’s charter is to protect wage earners and employers; not just promote unions to the exclusion of all else.

Just sayin’.

(Update 2) According to Shopfloor:

Oh, and based on our search of the NLRB site, this is the first “Fact Check” the agency has essayed. Generally speaking, it seems like a reasonable practice for government agencies to call attention to clear error, but not if it’s just another spin operation.


  1. Our thanks to Shopfloor for the linky!

  2. redneck hippie says:

    Just like Candid Camera. NLRB caught in the act of being themselves. Great work, Ron and Shopfloor.

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