Eye of the Tiger

Tiger Blood

Background Info:   Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood, Congressman Wu’s Tiger Outfit

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  1. Charlie Sheen’s illness reflects the deeper sickness in our culture – a culture breeding a sense of entitlement, and lack of responsibility in our children. He is sick, but he, and so many others never get the real help they need, because society encourages their outrageous behavior by its passive acceptance.

  2. BrianHibbert says:

    LOL! And thanks for the congressman Wu links. It wouldn’t quite make sense without it.

  3. texasgalt says:

    He bangs 8 gram rocks at a pop. He’s special. He has Adonis DNA and tiger blood. Mere mortals cannot understand.

    Last night the police took away his children.


  4. redneck hippie says:


  5. speciallist says:


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