From My CP: Family Roadtrip

Spring has hit the prairie, it hasn't been below freezing during the day for a solid week, that's a sure sign of spring.  I have no doubt it'll snow at least once more, it always does.  We got a foot once on my sister's birthday, that's May 11th.  But like horses we can smell the ... Read More

I’m not a Big Fan of Paul Manafort, but….

                           (There are lies, and damned lies..." -Mark Twain) I'm absolutely delirious in my dislike for the Associated Press. And it's all about honesty and dishonesty. Now, personally I've never known Mr Manafort to lie, but I suppose he has uttered an untruth here and there, especially in his term as (unpaid) campaign manager for ... Read More

Plumbing the Depths of Loyalty of Donald Trump’s Voter Base

Plumbing the depths of Donald Trump's voter base, I wonder if maybe Mr Trump thinks it's bottomless. It isn't, and while a master chess player in the art of negotiation, I hope he remembers that most of his voters are better at checkers. Already I am picking up murmurings that Trump is actually favoring the Ryan healthcare plan ... Read More

Should President Trump Offer Amnesty to the Deep State Who Want to Come in From the Cold?

Long title, short answer. We know they are there, and they know we are looking for them. We know some of their names, and they don't know which ones, just that the clock is ticking. They all have vested financial interests in holding onto their jobs; family, friends, lifestyle,, benefits. And they all have political interests that ... Read More

From My CP: Government Employees, the VA, IRS, FBI, EPA, NSA, Ate Up From The Floor UP.

Spring or maybe globull warmening has taken over the prairie.  All the snow from last week is gone, Geese darkened the sky like the arrows of Xerxes archers.  Temperatures topped 70 on Sunday and today was still above 60.  There's rain in the forecast but that beats the hell out of snow.  What ever kind ... Read More

The Judiciary Just Fired On Fort Sumter

The Judiciary was designed by the Framers of the Constitution to be the weakest of the three branches of government. However, the journey from weakest to all-powerful began 10 years later with Madison V Marbury, when the judiciary granted itself veto power over any legislation, and nobody came with ropes to hang them. Had we ... Read More

Simple Chalkboard Math for the Democrat-Media War Being Waged on Donald Trump

(This is a work in progress, changing daily, as we move along from news story to news story.) Not yet two months into the Trump Administration, new news is coming fast and furious, and a lot of people are already beginning to worry that Trump is being damaged by much of it. Actually, I think not, at least ... Read More

From My CP: Just for Bob

I hit Bob pretty hard today in the comments, he'd sworn me to secrecy about his first job.  I was never supposed to reveal that he'd been a toll collector as the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea.  So now I feel I should try to suck up a little.  Plus Bob requested a song the ... Read More

From My CP: Homesteading on the Prairie

I survived the "snowpocalypse" which hit here before anyone else in America gave a rat's ass.  It turned out to be 10 inches or so but halfway through the blizzard the wind shifted and came tearing at 30 or 40 mph out of the east.  Like most farms here, there aren't any trees to the ... Read More

Obamacare, Trumpcare, Medicare and We, the “Entitled”

They are talking about repealing the individual mandate. Of course it is unconstitutional to force someone to buy something. Funny thing about that. Many decades before Obamacare, people were forced to buy health insurance. Not only that, they weren’t able to use it until, as in my case, 45 years after they started buying it ... Read More

War-Gaming Part V, How Citizens Can Fight Back When the Left Goes Rogue

I had intended to do a section on the Left's War-Gaming of the Academy, but have incorporated it here as that marries up well with what people can do to combat them when (not if) they cross the line from legal peaceful protest to criminal behavior. This is already occurring. In June, 2015, after SCOTUS' decision legalizing same ... Read More

Democrat Controlled Cities: the Decay and Rot Moves In

Friday, another headline blared (H/T Drudge) of the violent attack on an urban city street (NYC) where passersby did nothing. The victim is in serious condition in the hospital. This is what happens when you don't keep savages in jail. I'm sure these two just didn't become violent offenders overnight. "Disturbing" to the gallery owner? ... Read More

You know you’re doing right when the Sierra Club is apoplectic

After eight onerous regulatory years, under the Obama administration's war on fossil fuels, we have a new sheriff in town who is on the side of conservatives. Since Trump became president it's been like Jesus turning over the tables in the temple. And it's making the envirowackos bat-shit crazy, the most notable is the Sierra ... Read More

From My CP: That’s Conservative My Ass

I was just extolling on the wonderful effects of globull warmening yesterday and now I'm hunkering down for the payback.  Mother Nature taught Karma how to be a bitch.  There is world record cold swirling about Alaska and the "nearly non-existent polar ice pack" headed my way, due Friday.  -65 temperatures set records in Alaska ... Read More

Repealing Obamacare; the Corporate Solution and the People’s Solution

We've always known there was a corporate solution to Obamacare and a people's solution. Today an outline of the corporate solution is on the table.  And it has been presented by the people in the Republican Party who would see things the corporatist's way. So we are not surprised, except that it is so transparently blatant, as if ... Read More

From My CP: A Cure for Nancy Pelosi

Bill Nye "The Lyin' Guy" has assured me that I am enjoying proof positive of globull warmening.  We're into our third week of temps in the 40's, 50's and 60's.  If this is globull warmening I'll take another helping, thank you. I've only got one nerve left and Nancy Pelosi is on it.  I can't ... Read More