Old Glory Is So….Old, Isn’t She?

"Robert E. Lee wasn’t a Nazi..... . That doesn’t change the fact that his statue is now associated with a campaign of racist violence " And that is the new standard, folks. His statue is "associated" with .....something some skinheads did. And this didn't come out of the mouth of Tavis Smiley or the pen ... Read More

Charlottesville: Once Again the Malignant Media Paints a False Narrative

Yesterday's events in Charlottesville, Virginia, brings to the fore, the conflict facing America. A racist narrative and concept of polarization, seeded by the Left over the past several decades, culminating in Barack Obama's presidency, has now reached the point where anyone who seeks the right to have an alternative viewpoint will be met with premeditated ... Read More

Next War, Should we Give Occupation a Chance?

Ever hear the rally cry, "Remember the Maine!" How about "yellow journalism"? Well, they were fathered by the same men, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, of "Citizen Kane" fame. Both were newspaper publishers, and also Democrat congressmen. Hearst even ran for president. Their newspaper chains had been pushing for war against the Spanish Empire in the ... Read More

Mitch McConnell Exemplifies Everything Wrong With the Republican Party

Did you know, the Republican party just became the political party of "low expectations"? Mitch McConnell said it himself yesterday. "Trump's expectations too high." He further reinforced this bizarre statement by blaming President Trump for not understanding how things "work" in Washington. "According to McConnell, the president’s lack of legislative experience has led to the ... Read More

Why Donald Trump Will Win in the End, a Theological View

It's sad but true that many people worship Donald Trump as a demigod; a lesser divinity. Trump doesn't take himself that seriously, and would likely be amused. And since my grandmother, well into her 70s, felt the same about Elvis Presley, I suppose it's harmless enough. But God has very much to do with Donald ... Read More

Donald Trump and Impeachment, How Likely is It?

Pat Buchanan is a little more dark, and less optimistic than I am about America's chances if an impeachment process is begun. Pat and I and separated by 7 years. We are also divided by perspective, he spending most of his professional life looking at American life and the world from the top down, while I've ... Read More

1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses

Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) And so we now have Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who sits idly by as hundreds of Chicagoans are murdered every year, and thousands maimed, strutting about the national stage like a peacock all puffed up and full of vinegar, talking about how he's going to sue the United States if federal funds are withheld ... Read More

It’s always fun to engage leftists about their impossible dreams

Last week I spent three days on Bainbridge Island. A beautiful, mostly high-end tranquil progressive utopia off the coast of Seattle. Only accessible by ferry or to northern Washington on the north end by a short bridge. Sauntering down a quaint little town there full of boutiques and places to eat and drink, I spotted a ... Read More

The Muslim-American

I've written about this subject a few times since 9/11, since I'm something of a defender of Muslims in America.. A recent (Aug 1) interview by Tucker Carlson with an American convert to Islam, Bob Morrow, is descriptive of the general misunderstanding Americans have about worldwide Islam and Islam in America. They are different. By definition they are different. But since the Obama administration, probably ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SGT Jonathan Michael Hunter, 23 and Spc Christopher Michael Harris, 25

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. SGT Jonathan Michael Hunter, 23 of Columbus, IN and Spc Christopher Michael Harris, 25, of Jackson Springs, NC were killed Aug 2, 2017  in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan by an IED in their convoy They were of 2nd Bn, 504th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade ... Read More

The Beginning of the Quickening

What a time to be alive! Because we're stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved in it, it's difficult to step back and see the true epic significance of the times we are watching unfold, or even our small place in it. In his famous St Crispin Day's ... Read More

Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Our mutual acquaintance dropped your old Beaglescout a note about recent deplorable developments in our national swamp. Lots of people have been talking about John McCain's vote against the Skinny Repeal of Obamacare being his revenge against President Trump. But there's another reason McCain might have made his choice... Here's how it works in Congress ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, PFC, Hansen B Kirkpatrick, 19

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. PFC Hanson B Kirkpatrick, 19, of Wasilla, AK was killed July 3, 2017  in Hellmand Province, Afghanistan by indirect fire He was of 1st Bn, 36th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division Rest in peace, Private Job ... Read More

Obamasurance, a Leak in the Republican Party’s Ark?

Had they called it "Obamasurance", which it is, instead of Obamacare, which it never has been, it may never have become law in the first place. And voters today would be fully aware of the type of end run the Republicans are trying to employ to save that which is most profitable to them and nothing else. With ... Read More

Charlie Gard: A Society Which Loses its Humanity, Loses its Soul

Recently, William McGurn of the WSJ, wrote a thoughtful and compassionate article regarding the situation of Charlie Gard. WSJ has a paywall, here is another source: I agreed 100% with Mr. McGurn's perspective, and had some additional thoughts/perspective to add regarding this tragic story. Let's go back to 1930's Germany. Hitler went through the hospitals ... Read More

Just Whose Side is Robert Mueller On?–Two Schools

If Vegas were to give odds, bookmakers would have to do a lot of homework on Special Investigator Robert Mueller and try to connect several dots in order to determine to what, and to whom Mueller is most likely to be loyal. In logic and science, the key to every proposition is a unified theory, ... Read More