The Curious Case Of #PermitPatty And Our #RegulationNation

So a no doubt leftist San Francisco resident felt compelled to call the police on a 8 year old entrepreneur selling water to hot and thirsty people. Now granted it was no Lemonade Stand When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade -- but you may not be able to sell it at a ... Read More

Defining Conservatism Back to Reality

GK Chesterton, writing about English Progressives and Conservatives, wrote in 1924: The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of conservatives is to prevent those mistakes being corrected. Even if the revolutionist might repent of his revolution, the conservative will still cling to it as part of his tradition. Thus we have ... Read More

What If? Are Chili Rellenos the Answer?

You all know by now about the assault on a swank DC Mexican Restaurant by a group of American political terrorists. The story and video are available from several sources, some sympathetic, others outraged. This one runs over 10 minutes, providing the full scope of the "battle area". Rather than get your panties in a bunch about the insolence ... Read More


I received a notice from the local court system recently ordering me to appear at a specified date and time for jury duty. So when the time rolled around I hobbled my aged self to the courthouse, signed in and waited with the other prospective jurors for the bailiff to usher us in. I had ... Read More, Our Mission Statement for Donors

A word from the Garritrooper, just so you'll know where we intend to go with and the Veterans 15:13 Foundation A Little Background In the mid-80s, when I was in industry, a second-shift floor mechanic came up to me and said, "If you'll put me on first shift and give me a little raise, ... Read More

I’ll Only Say This Once About the IG Report. I’m Busy

The IG Report is just that, a report. To the Attorney General. Its opinions or recommendations do not carry the weight of law. Each piece of evidence found in it would have to undergo the same individual rules of evidence in being admitted in court as any other piece of evidence would. The Attorney General ... Read More

North Korea and Communist Ideology

Ideologically, North Korea stopped being communist 30-40 years ago. Like Starbucks, they found one good gimmick, in this case, raw power, then hung themselves by their own petard trying to grow it. Certain laws apply about going from true-believing Marxist ideologues in 1945 to power and privilege-seeking pipsqueaks 60 years later. It takes no more than three generations ... Read More

Veterans: Why Do Americans Enlist…..When they Don’t Have To?

This is a theme with us at When more veterans with skin in the game have checked in, this will be a running topic, and within two years, a working project on the ground. (Check our Mission statement for the longer game.) At the heart of this inquiry is hearing from veterans about what it is in ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SSG Alexander Conde, Somalia

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony SSG Alexander Conrad, 26, of Chandler, Arizona was killed June 8, 2018, as a result of a fire fight with Al Shabbab in Somalia He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, Airborne,  Ft Bragg. Rest in peace, Sergeant Job ... Read More

Twitter Apologetics

The Well Tempered Clavier I was married in March, 1968 and was able to leave my small one-room affair for a real apartment. With a TV even. We would live there until I finished law school in 1971. And it was there I discovered "Firing Line" on the local public access station. It was that show ... Read More

The “Law of the Land”?

The Supreme Court decision handed down yesterday regarding the non-obligation of cake bakers to bake wedding cakes for "same-sex" marriages will be parsed and deciphered and analyzed by many far more scholarly and politically savvy than I, but I wanted to focus on one little snippet from the majority opinion written by (who else?) Anthony ... Read More

Bannon, Koch Brothers, and How Conservatives Disappoint “Thought Leaders”

Stephen Bannon now says that being anti-establishment is not going to work. Well, when you've had potential millions swept out from under your feet because you overstepped your perceived authority, those marbles in your head tend to clang. Mr. Bannon fell into the junior varsity trap of celebrity and power, that is to say, he ... Read More

From My CP: So They Call You an Outlaw, or a Racist, Whatever

I need to begin by apologizing for my long absence.  Our Veteran's Tales project has been eating up all the writing time I can find.  I haven't forgotten y'all I've just been busy.  The CP is still secure, the claymores are still in place and the dogs and I just checked to make sure "Front ... Read More

Can Donald Trump Find Justice for Jim Thorpe? Obama Didn’t Even Try

Recently, Donald Trump pardoned Jack Johnson, the first black-American World Heavyweight Champion. Johnson's story is instructive, just as Obama's refusal, not neglect, but refusal, to pardon him was. Jack Johnson was not only the first black champion, but a long-reigning champion, causing the coinage of the term "Great White Hope" for all the ex-champions and aspiring-champions ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, Lance CPL Nicholas C Kirven, 21, USMC, (Afghanistan)

(By request for Memorial Day) Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony Lance Corporal Nicholas C. Kirven, 21, of Richmond, Virginia was killed May 8, 2005, as a result of enemy action in Alishang, Afghanistan, while conducting combat operations. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine ... Read More

The Media’s Worst Nightmare

This is not so much my fervent wish than my best guess. It will take a few years to play out as the case load will be heavy, a select stream of a star-studded cast of men and women who have already earned stars on the Establishment Politic's Boulevard-of-Fame. Out of sight, alongside them, will be a much ... Read More