When Donald Trump Speaks, Entirely Different People Listen

When you compare the better known lines of Barack Obama and Donald Trump, they may sound similar. But they aren't. We have eight full years of Obama's and only a year of Trumps, so this assessment is subject to change, but so far I've noted different tones in the deliverance of many words, based largely, ... Read More

From My CP: She Didn’t Cry When Ol’ Yeller Died

Its a fine winter's night here on the prairie. There's a breath of wind, 20 mph, that's considered calm in these parts. There are fat, wet snowflakes drifting down prettily inside my protective barrier of trees and bushes. Three or four inches is all, I won't have to start the Allis-Chalmers and scoop out the ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott C Dayton, 42, USN, (Syria) (Hurtlocker)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. On November 24th 2016, Senior Chief Petty Office Scott C Dayton, 42, of Woodbridge, VA was killed near Ayn Issa, Syria, while attempting to defuse an IED. He was of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 2, Virginia Beach Rest in ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, Sgt John Perry, 30 and PFC Tyler R Lubelt, 20, -Afghanistan

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. On November 12th 2016, SGT John Perry, 30, of Stockton, CA and PFC Taylor R Lubert, 20, of Tamaroa, IL were killed by a suicide bomb at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan. Rest in peace, Gentlemen Job well done. Parts of ... Read More
Saying grace before the barbeque dinner at the New Mexico Fair. Pie Town, New Mexico, October 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Russell Lee. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Meet Your Alt-Right Grandparents as the MainStream Media Defines it

The Shoulders We All Stand On, a Photo Essay for Millennials The Law of Generations The Law of Generations is a simple rule about how families in America change from one generation to the next. Unlike much of the world, because of freedoms unique to America, and the constant flow of new blood to our ... Read More

If a CNN Anchor Falls in the Forest and no one is Around to Hear Him, does he Make a Sound?

Sitzkreig We're in the early days of a "sitzkreig", or "sitting war", taken from that period between the day England and France declared war on Germany after their invasion of Poland in 1939, and the time it required the Germans to wheel and turn, and launch an attack on France, approximately 8 months later. During ... Read More

Of Propagandists, Snowflakes and Continuing the Fight

Well, the airwaves, internet, print and social media venues have been abuzz all week with tales of "Woe is us!" from the usual suspects regarding the outcome of last Tuesday's election. Of course Donald J. Trump is the bogeyman. Much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in the socialist precincts, which of course still ... Read More

Van Jones, Another Lawn Jockey for White Gods and Goddesses

I've said before, America's greatest sin was not slavery, but what the United States government and the Democrat Party, with meek complicity of the Republican Party since the death of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, has been the intentional imprisonment of black Americans across the country, their only way out through a parole system established ... Read More

That List of Celebrities Who Promised to Move If Trump Won

An awful lot of celebrities including Stephen King (pictured) tweeted and griped and groaned out their disgust at Donald Trump this year, especially when they were told by the lying, vile media that there was no chance he would win. So they all said they would leave the country if he won. "Ho hum." Now ... Read More

Intentions and Results

There is a harsh reality of life that Republican voters sometimes understand and Democrat voters almost never do. That reality is that after all the counting is done intentions don't matter. In the end, what counts is not the intention but the result. You intend to replace your spark plugs but have a couple of ... Read More

From My Command Post: Johnny Cash and Hope Springs Eternal

What a morning, life felt different when I awoke. The first thing I do is take the dogs out, there was a scent I couldn't place in the air. The sun was just rising, I was treated to rays of pink shining above a few well placed dark blue clouds, it was a breath taking ... Read More

It’s Time for Elitists to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses

Yes, that is almost a real title by a real American, Michael Traub, of Foreign Policy Magazine, a wholly owned property of Graham Holdings, formerly called The Washington Post Company, just so you'll know which runway they use when they try to put their little Beechcraft into the sky. Real title, It's Time for the ... Read More
albert nock the positive testimony

Kipling: A General Summary

Let us not be fooled into believing that a government that lies in all things and acts to defraud and impoverish the people is anything new under the sun. It is the nature of all governments, everywhere, throughout all time. As Albert Jay Nock said with brutal simplicity, Rudyard Kipling poetized with elegance and humor ... Read More

From My Command Post

Here's a view of my fields of fire. To the west anyway. That cottonwood tree is 12 or 15 feet around at the trunk, three men would be hard pressed to touch hands around it. It's probably been there for 150 years. That's old in this part of the country. Prairie fires used to wipe ... Read More

When Karma Bites Your Ass – Hillary Clinton Edition

It appears with the Clintons, I can have a When Karma Bites Your Ass Running Series Perhaps at the end of all of the horrible terrible things the Clinton's have done there will even be one for Chelsea and her corrupt husband Marc Mezvinsky If there is one thing those of us old enough to ... Read More

Bonhoeffer’s Dirty Hands and the 2016 Presidential Election by Dr Mark DeVine

[Our guest essayist, Dr. Mark DeVine, is associate professor of history and doctrine at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the author of Bonhoeffer Speaks Today: Following Jesus at All Costs.] Wayne Grudem’s defense of a vote for Trump evoked an avalanche of repudiation, a veritable beat down by an array of theologically ... Read More