Columbine and Parkland, the Common Thread

I'm not a student of school shootings, except to take note of the shooters, many of whom, from Virginia Tech to Sandy Hook in Connecticut to even Dylan Roof in South Carolina, were mentally ill but able to get a gun anyway, only not so much because of their easy availability as to fatal flaws ... Read More

From My CP: Duty, Honor, Country and Solemn Oaths

There's a herd of deer, twelve or fifteen at least, that like to shelter on the leeward side of my grove.  It keeps them out of the icy northwestern wind.  They also like to come into the yard after dark and eat corn spilt around the grain bins.    I'm cool with that, I like ... Read More

An Ash Wednesday Tale, Benny and his Jeepney

Another Famous Common Person I Have Known, Benny In Spring, 1974 I spent a few days at Clark AFB in the Philippines. Part of the rate for my hotel room in Angeles City included a Jeepney and a driver. His name was Benny and he took me all over the place, such as the first Japanese kamikaze ... Read More

Can the Judiciary Interfere with Executive Orders Like That?

IANAL, nor do I play one on TV. But here's my understanding of where I think the law stands regarding this quack commie judge in NY who ordered that the Trump administration had to not only halt the dismantling of DACA but must steam full steam forward in implementing it (see Washington Times Article here) ... Read More

Common Cause

Q: Has America had any enemy or antagonist since W0rld War II which the Democratic Party has NOT made common cause with? To make "Common cause" generally means “to unite one's interest with another's” and since the 1970s the term has been associated with a liberal leaning political group by the same name, who first came ... Read More

On Leaving the Cradle

On Tuesday we watched probably the greatest engineering achievement of the 21st century so far with the launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy rocket, headed for its rendezvous with Mars. His little red Tesla roadster led the way atop the final stage. It was a sight of pure beauty and an incarnation of human genius ... Read More

NFL no more?

You all know I enjoy watching football, and I love watching the Packers, and I have been bothered by the anthem protests enough to avoid NFL advertisers while still enjoying the game, but the NFL went too far this time. I may not watch another game. I'll say it...I don't care about the kneelers' issues ... Read More

#TheMemoReleased, the Roadmap

Robert Mueller's crossroad Several millions of dollars and several months ago, a Special Counsel investigation was launched into whether the Russian government had been able to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and whether Donald Trump and/or several members of his campaign staff had assisted in this effort. Almost a year later, there is ... Read More

In Defense of Jerry Falwell, Jr’s “Theological” Apostasy said Jerry Falwell, Jr, president of Liberty University and son of Jerry Falwell, Sr, had a very bad week." Other left-wing rags echoed in. You see, Falwell and other evangelical leaders have refused to condemn Donald Trump based on an allegation about some porn star named Stormy Daniels having had a fling with him while married to ... Read More

How the Next Civil War May Take Shape; A Reprise of the 60s?

In the 1960s, 1) with an anti-war movement scripted, and even controlled more than we knew, straight from Moscow, 2) a civil rights movement that would be ensnared and redirected as soon as Dr Martin Luther King and his closest followers could be despatched (1968), and 3) the rise of a cradle-to-grave incubation system where bright, ... Read More

Searching for Democrats who Still Love America, Is There Such a Thing Anymore?

The rift between Chuck Schumer and the Far-Left of his Party has exposed a division in it that few actually knew existed. Since the late 70s, the Carter era, the Democrat Party has been made up of three constituent parts having nothing to do with identity politics (race, gender, etc.) These are 1) the Far-Left, or True Believers, 2) ... Read More

From My CP: Obama’s Lasting Legacy and BR549

We dodged a bullet here on Monday, a serious snow storm, not of epic globull warmening proportions, just one of the big nasty storms we live with in this oft described "shithole."  We only got a couple inches and the 40-50 mph winds blew that to the Twin Cities by late afternoon.  I didn't even ... Read More

The “Eternal” Left’s War on American Exceptionalism

You know me and my thing with Lucifer. Still,  I’m not one of those who believe that Satan personifies himself in any man. We are too quick to say that so-and-so is “pure evil” when in fact, that is likely not the case. For one, that is not how Satan works. He uses people, especially the vain and ... Read More

From My CP: Hell in a Cell, Sputnik Monroe vs. “The Civil-Rights Icon” Rep. John Lewis

I have to thank everyone in the United States for my Christmas and New Years happiness.  It was a wonderful holiday season because I spent it in Colorado Springs with my wife, Doris.  That rocked, but on Christmas Eve afternoon when I was sitting out on the porch in a hoodie, enjoying everything Colorado is ... Read More

Trump and Sessions Must End the California Nullification Crisis Quickly (Updated)

(I should have waited a day, too hasty on the Nullification part, needed a rewrite.) (I originally titled this piece "Lincoln Fought a Civil War to Keep the South in the Union, What Will Donald Trump Have to Offer to get California to Leave?". It started out a little tongue-in-cheek, but by the time I got ... Read More

American Exceptionalism or American Freak-show?

I I recently watched an interview of Barack Obama in which he discussed the parallel views of reality in American politics. It was undated, so I don't know if it was made during his term in office or part of his post-presidency schtik. The topic: regarding the upheaval we're seeing unfold in America now that ... Read More