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Make No Mistake @GOP If #NeverTrump Pulls Off A 1st Ballot Coup; Its #WAAR

There has been chatter and noise from the Establishment GOP who think they can use the PACs for Cruz, Rubio, and other assorted losers this primary cycle to undermine the will of the voters at the convention. I voted Cruz, almost all at this site voted Cruz. He lost. Period. Being a sore loser isn't ... Read More
[Donald Trump supporter beaten bloody by hateful leftists]

Why are Liberals so Hateful? The Answer

Over at Powerline, John Hindraker asks an important question: WHY ARE LIBERALS SO HATEFUL? He explores a small handful of examples, one with three fingers instead of five, and concludes with this. "Liberals at home and abroad should take a lesson in basic manners and proper civility in a democracy from conservatives." In general I ... Read More

Obama Says Kids Need to Hear Parents Speak Up About Risks of Guns

Last week the Pulse killer murdered 49 and wounded another 53 who were in Orlando's Pulse nightclub (a mostly gay, Hispanic nightclub) in a 4 hour ordeal in which he also made 17 phone calls, texted his wife, checked his Facebook news feed obsessively, made professions of loyalty to ISIS on his Facebook page, and ... Read More

The Hanging of Jake Spoon, a Cautionary Tale for GOP Convention-Busters

(I first wrote this in 2010, as notice to Democrats that they were running with outlaws, and certain laws apply when they do that. Well, today, six years later, the Democrats, God bless'em, have acknowledged that they know they're running with criminals, and are on the verge of even nominating one for president, so all ... Read More
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Will the Federal Government Save Us From the Federal Government?

***********************Congressman Luke Messer, R-IN*********************** Most mornings these days I wake up, get my coffee, open the paper and shortly thereafter just start shaking my head. Same old, same old. And I'm not talking about the leftist propaganda. This is what I woke up to this morning: "On May 13, the Department of Justice and the ... Read More

What Donald Trump can Bring to the Table in Discussing Gun Changes with the NRA

Most of the people I talk to agree that people on the terrorist watch list should be denied the right to buy guns, or the very least, federal authorities should be notified of the sale. And I don't think you would much heartburn for banning the sale of over-sized magazines (which is what gives the ... Read More

Senate Should Amend the Puerto Rico Reform Bill

The House of Representatives' passage of a Puerto Rico reform bill was merely a feather in the cap for those fighting against liberal, big-spending government. The fiscally irresponsible politicians on the island of three million accumulated over $70 billion in debt, which they cannot pay back. Rather than admit wrongdoing and reform their ways, however, ... Read More

The Dark Lady and the Millennials

It's been my experience that millennials, and to a lesser extent Gen X'ers, do not have a firm grip on Good. The decline of the historic American moral culture and the rise of the popular culture to replace it the past forty years has a lot to do with this. Older people with memories can ... Read More

Uncomfortable Questions for #NeverTrumpers

Beloved #NeverTrumpers, the reason for the etching of Lincoln and Grant at the top of the page will become clear in time. First, I have a question for you. Actually, I have a lot of questions. Is Trump any less conservative than Jeb? Or, is Trump likely to be more conservative than Jeb in what ... Read More

Rogue IRS Break Law Again By Outsourcing Audits to Left-Wing Law Firms

Everyone knows that the IRS was recently exposed for discriminating against Tea Party groups. Unfortunately, the targeting of conservative groups is not the only instance of the rouge government agency ignoring the law to advance its radicalized agenda. In an unprecedented act of defiance against Congress' tax code, the bureau also hired private, well-connected liberal ... Read More
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“Gasp! What Did He Say This Time!!!???”

*************************Judge Gonzalo Curiel********************** The following is a cut-and-paste of my comments at National Review Online on an article by the esteemed scholar, pundit and purveyor of wisdom, Victor Davis Hanson. Briefly, his article was a rebuke of the press for it's continual failure to vet the players on the national political scene charged with awesome ... Read More

#Never42ndAirborne: An Imaginary Betrayal

Imagine if, in the Korean War, one faction of the US military saw its primary enemy as not North Korea, not the USSR's advisers, not the Chinese advisers, but another division of the military. Imagine this faction took every chance to insult, belittle, mock, and sabotage this division, which had raced past other moribund, hesitant ... Read More

Memorial Day, A Korean War Remembrance from an Old Friend

(This Memorial Day commemoration was written by an old friend, Colonel Richard A McMahon (U S Army retired) who was a fellow platoon leader with the McGovern brothers, in Company A, 5th Cavalry Regiment in the same action on the day that Lieutenant Robert McGovern was killed. He is the author of The Dark Side ... Read More

Memorial Day – A Grateful Nation Remembers

I know that most people think of Memorial Day as a day off from work: having a barbecue, getting together with family and friends, and having a good time. Those who died for your freedoms would want you to think that too; they would want you to enjoy the day they fought so hard for ... Read More

Five Billion Dollar Recipient of Federal Funds Pays His Workers $5 an Hour

Elon Musk’s corporate empire is build on a mountain of federal subsidies and it might be starting to crumble. Politicians of both parties have given Musk’s companies SolarCity, SpaceX and Tesla over $5 billion in taxpayer funds yet it appears Musk has gamed the system once again. This time he has been accused of using ... Read More

Missionizing Millennials; Saving Ben Shapiro

Recently Rev Billy Graham said that if people are going to call themselves "Christian" it would be helpful if, from time to time, they would mention Jesus. An obverse to Rev Graham's point was made by C S Lewis 75 years earlier, in his "Screwtape Letters." In an exchange between Screwtape, a chief recruiter for ... Read More