By an Angel’s Kiss, SGT Joshua P Rogers, 22 and SGT Cameron H Thomas, 23, Army Rangers, Afghanistan

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. SGT Joshua P Rodgers, 22, of Bloomington IL, and SGT Cameron H Thomas, 23, of Kettering OH were killed April 26, 2017 in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan from small arms fire They were both of the 3rd Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment. Ft ... Read More

From My CP: Cold Lonesome Wind, Springtime Takes a Boot to the Balls

Springtime got over confident, he was sure he owned this and Old Man Winter just walked up and kicked Springtime square in the balls.  The long range forecast is for Spring to be bent over struggling to breathe for the next month.  Colder and wetter than average.  That'll make it harder on the farmers, more ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SSG Mark R De Alancar, 37 (Afghanistan)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. SSG Mark R De Alancar, 37, of Edgewood, Maryland was killed April 8, 2017 in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan from hostile fire He was with 1st Bn, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Rest in peace, Staff Sergeant Job well done.   I'm asking ... Read More

After Hitler: Is Europe Returning to Type?

"After Hitler" is a 2-part video documentary series about Europe in the five years immediately following World War II, 1945-1949. Each episode is roughly 43 minutes and was produced in 2016 but has the unmistakable feel of a 1940s news reel, although theatres rarely showed newsreels in color. This is a MUST-SEE, for every generation since it will show you things ... Read More

Major university: fracking doesn’t contaminate ground water

We all know about the angst the Left and environmental groups have had about fracking. And please include our last president, Barack Obama as a major cause as well. Even so-called Hollyweird has gotten involved against fracking as a cause celeb because of their washed-up careers (mostly) they have nothing else to do but cause trouble. We have ... Read More

Mobilizing the People’s Wing of the Republican Party, to Make Voters Relevant Again

For years we've been talking about the conservative wing and Establishment wing of the Republican Party. I don't want to minimize conservatism here, but conservatism is actually undergoing some redefinition right now, and that redefinition is caused by the impact of the election of Donald Trump, splitting some intellectual conservatives away until they can reassess just where ... Read More

Lenny, Squiggy and Sexual Harassment at Fox

As the old loyalty oaths during the Red Scare used to begin, "I am not now, nor ever have been..." a fan of Bill O'Reilly or his nightly show, "The Factor". I've never watched a single full hour. Some people just take themselves too damned seriously. That said, I'd like to state for the record ... Read More

From My CP: Springtime, Life is Hard and the World is Mean

Spring isn't a season here, Spring is the end of "Winter's Here" and the beginning of "Winter's Coming."  Winter's Here is miserable, too cold to be outside, too long to spend that much time in the house.  Winter's Comin' is a furious rush to get everything done in an 85 to 110 day growing season, ... Read More

He Is Risen – Unified Patriots Wishes All Patriots A Happy Easter

Easter Bible Verses John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. (NIV) Romans 1:4-5 And Jesus Christ our Lord was shown to be the Son of God when God ... Read More

If it Sneaks in the Night Like a Raid, and Targets Like a Raid

It's a raid. Dammit. And not a war. A raid is designed to achieve a limited objective. Raids are not impetuous, born of anger or moral no, Ivanka seeing children dead from gas did not prompt this raid. Entebbe was a raid. The Israelis didn't invade Uganda, just snatched some hostages and killed some ... Read More

Am I A Pacifist? Hell No…..Why I Fight Against War

The only reason I fight war overseas in the Middle East is politics. You see I was a rampant supporter of the war in Iraq I saw it and still do to this day as a geopolitical win to have a base or bases sitting right there between Iran and Syria. I also thought having ... Read More

From My CP: Comin’ Up All Aces

Spring has hit the prairie, it hit 60 today and the forecast is for 70+ all weekend.  Rain next week but it is April.  There will be mud and all the foot wipin', sweepin' and moppin' but you don't have to plow the yard.  The farmers are gettin' antsy to get into the field, pretty ... Read More

From My CP: Tales From Life’s Other Side

I spent the weekend at my Grandpa's cabin with my son and his wife.  It's our retreat from a world we are increasingly dissatisfied with.  We've got electricity but could easily adapt to the lack of it.  That kinda lets you know where we stand.  I was disappointed the swans were not to be seen, ... Read More

Trump continues to overturn Obama’s war on fossil fuels

Featured photo: A November 2016 demonstration in London against Donald Trump’s views on climate change. Photograph: Hannah Mckay/Reuters Two items Trump signed orders on, the day he took office, was to approve the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Obama had nixed both projects but Trump had made them part of his campaign promises ... Read More

Celebrating the Democrats’ April Fooles Distress

I believe when a bad man is down, kick him. But Rush Limbaugh takes this a step further by making it sound like the Democrat Left is still standing upright, which is not a good thing. (I'll get to that in a minute.) I had waiting in queue a Part VI to my series of ... Read More

From My CP: Family Roadtrip

Spring has hit the prairie, it hasn't been below freezing during the day for a solid week, that's a sure sign of spring.  I have no doubt it'll snow at least once more, it always does.  We got a foot once on my sister's birthday, that's May 11th.  But like horses we can smell the ... Read More