Is ISIS Underwriting the “Clock Kid” Ahmed’s lawsuit against Irving, Texas?

I've had a lot of experience in defamation-type lawsuits, both real and threatened. You know the original story of the 14-year old Arab kid, an electronics whiz, who built a device that looked like a bomb to his school and the police, was arrested, then released once the device was determined not to be a bomb, ... Read More

Islamic States from G. Washington to B. Obama

Sometimes it's good to remember our US history. Our nation has had to face Islamic states as an enemy and a threat from the beginning. The featured image is a map of the Islamic States in 1800 superimposed over a current map of countries. It's worth paying attention to some details that are as true today ... Read More
christopher hitchens

First Christopher Hitchens, Now Bill Maher – What Is It With These Atheists?

WHY DO THEY SEEM TO CARE SO MUCH? You probably remember the late Christopher Hitchens. He was an atheist and political commentator, an intellectual type who wrote books and magazine articles, appeared on talk shows and lectured on this and that topic. He was generally seen as a kindred spirit by the Statists because he held ... Read More

Big Music Pushing for Special Treatment from Government

The Copyright Royalty Board is in the middle of proceedings on the new royalty rate for music streaming. A great piece has been published over at Townhall that should strike fear into the heart of those who love the Pandora and iHeartRadio apps, because the board has yet to make a final determination on rates ... Read More

Obama is Coming Undone

I didn't title this as a question. Cracking up, Going 'round the Bend, Slipping into Madness, are just a few of the thoughts running through many Americans' minds these days. My only thought is "Finally it's becoming apparent." Over the years, Lady Penguin has erected a strong psychological profile of Barack Obama, in part based on his background as spoiled ... Read More

Sheldon Adelson’s Latest Fear Mongering

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) remains adamant that global warming is responsible for world terrorism. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) blames state-legalized online gambling. The campaign to prohibit states from legalizing online gaming for their residents (funded by one of the richest casino owners in the world) is based on hollow arguments in favor of legislation known as ... Read More
re-education camp

The Campus As Re-Education Camp …..

......And As Prototype One by one, colleges and universities across America are folding like cheap tents, slavishly bowing to the politically correct "diversity", "safe zone", "microaggression" movements which in reality are part and parcel of the 'Fundamental Transformation of America' as envisioned by the Barack Obamas of the world. You are of course familiar with the ... Read More
Grumpy Elder

Another Old Soldier Fades From the Scene

We learned this past week of the passing of fellow blogger and patriot Phil Bassette, aka Grumpy Elder, the purveyor of Grumpy Opinions.  In addition to blogging himself, Phil provided a venue for some of us 'right wingers' to vent, as well as hosting some websites for some other bloggers.    An announcement of his passing ... Read More

Is Obama Insane?

An Egyptian commentator responds to the president's claim that global warming is the world's greatest national security threat.  Priceless.   ... Read More

Obamacare: The Blue State Slush Fund

Obamacare is dying on the vine with the American taxpayers constantly being asked to water the dead plant. First, the government wasted over $5 billion establishing state health care exchanges.  They became cesspools of fraud and waste.  In Oregon, for example, $300 million was spent on a campaign to get Cover Oregon up and running.  When things got ... Read More

One year since first elected to Congress

One year ago the Republicans won a landslide election sending 12 new members to the U.S. Senate and sending 44 new members to the U.S. House. The 12 new senators put the Republicans in the majority in the U.S. Senate, and the 44 new Representatives gave the Republicans their largest majority in the U.S. House ... Read More
cruz CO debate

Podcast: The Colorado Debate- The GOP Learns How To Mambo The Media

Maybe it's the influence of Donald Trump and his media savvy (The Art Of The Deal!), or maybe the media cartel is just collapsing under the weight of its own hubris, but the recent Colorado debate was a stunning example of pushback by the candidates. It was a display of moxie and smarts quite in ... Read More

Senator Fred Thompson – A model to follow

Former Senator Fred Thompson has passed away at the age of 73.   Much can and will be written about Senator Thompson over the next few days.  His work in the Watergate investigations, his acting career, his time as a U.S. Senator, his campaign for President of the United States, his radio talk show; there are many ... Read More

The Next GOP Debate, an Idea

Word is out that the GOP candidates are sending out signals to put on their own debate. It seems that while Reince Preibus is fed up with NBC, the leading candidates are fed up with Reince Preibus, which, if you stop to think about it, sends a powerful signal to all the American people, not just Republican ... Read More
George Mason prof

Lawmakers probe group who wants “climate change deniers” prosecuted

Featured image of Jagadish Shukla, photo by Evan Cantwell of George Mason University. Yea, they come from all the prestigious universities. And they sent a letter to Obama and DOJ Chief Loretta Lynch and OSTP Director Holdren, wanting all "climate change deniers" prosecuted under the RICO Act. Here are their names and universities, with the Big Cheese, ... Read More

Tiberi Pledges Major Tax Reform

The election of Rep. Paul Ryan to be the Speaker of the House leaves a vacancy on one of the most powerful committees in Congress -- the House Ways and Means Committee.  Ways and Means is the tax-writing committee of the House and Paul's ascension leaves at two members fighting to take his place.  The Ways and Means ... Read More