From My CP: I Wanna Party Like Charlie Sheen

We had a touch of winter in late October up here on the high prairie.  It abated for a couple weeks but it's back now with a vengeance.  Halfway home on my 11 mile drive from work turned to utter and total shit.  Zero visibility, 50 mph winds, snow blowing like farts from satan's ass.  ... Read More

Roy Moore and the Soft Bigotry of Elitism

(I'll get to Roy Moore shortly.) The Mason-Dixon Line of Elitism Who knew that Queens was just a half mile east of Dayton, Tennessee? Christopher Hitchens (RIP) once said that the English wear their class on the tips of their tongues. That is also true about Americans, only, more generally our tongues revealed where we were from ... Read More

Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Bureaucracy Czar? (Updated)

(revised: 12/02 Whether you like his policies as the Secretary of State, or don't, right now Rex Tillerson is doing God's work, Garden of Eden work, Noah's Ark work, in the Department of State. So holster your weapons. One of the best scenes in the classic film "The Last Emperor" was when Pu-Yi, the last Manchu ... Read More

Kurosawa’s “Ikiru” (“To Live”), a Retrospective on Bureaucracy

"Bureaucracy can never be cured from within, but is always fatal if not cured" Last week Bob Montgomery made the case against bigger government here at UnifiedPatriots, which prompted me, after a mighty Thanksgiving dinner, to sit down with my wife and break open the seal to a film she'd pulled from a Catholic group's ... Read More

Famous Russians I’ve Colluded With

The Russians and Democrats are not the same. I’ve actually known honorable Russians. In 1991 I met a man from the USSR named Valentin Suchkov. I was working with a Ukrainian trading company in Cincinnati, headed by a man named Vechilev, from Kharkov. Mr Suchkov was leading a trade delegation from Gorkiy, a well-known “closed city” and ... Read More

“Leave The Children Alone” They Scream; Rules For Conservatives, Not For Democrats.

It appears Malia Obama was trending on twitter for the better part of yesterday. She was smoking cigarettes, blowing smoke rings, and told the camera holder to film it. When I was young, I also could blow smoke rings, and by the way, it's cool! (I don't care if you don't like cigarettes, that is ... Read More

We Need More Federal Government!

Did you hear that? That was the sound of my jaw dropping and hitting the floor all the way across the country from where you live. I just read this piece at National Review Online and in addition to my sore jaw, I fell out of my chair and damaged my entire psyche. I am, ... Read More

Where Sheep May Safely Graze…in Northern Virginia

On the occasion of the Democratic Party sweep of Virginia, I want to once again remind readers of one very salient fact: Bureaucracy Kills And at the heart of the changing demographics in Virginia has been the expanding growth of the federal bureaucracy the past 35 years, spilling over the river from the District of Columbia ... Read More

Roy Moore: Here’s a radical idea – let the AL voters decide

While many like to wallow in accusations of scandal and to debate all the details, I am disturbed by how this L'Affaire de Roy Moore represents the latest example of the increasingly compulsive need to nationalize the conducting of state and local elections and to shout to the world how you think those voters should ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SFC Stephen B Cribben, 33 (Afghanistan)

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. SFC Stephen B Cribben, 33, of Simi Valley, CA, was killed 4 Nov, 2017  in Logar Province, Afghanistan, by hostile fire He was of the 2nd Bn, 10th Special Forces Gp, Ft Carson Rest in peace, Sergeant Job well done.   I’m ... Read More

From My CP: I HEART guns and remove MLK from the Public Square

Spring came late here and it was wet, harvest has been wet and now there's snow covering everything.  There's still a lot of corn in the fields.  The garden is done, we finished harvesting my brothers corn Sunday but there's lots of folks here who are still struggling to get their corn out.  Monday it ... Read More

Where Should the Next Shoe Drop in this Sexual Harassment Narrative?

Just about two weeks ago I floated the idea that perhaps there is a subtext to the manner in which the Harvey Weinstein story has been breaking, namely that women can charge and convict men publicly of sex crimes on their word alone. So far only powerful white men stand accused, and this will likely continue, as evidenced by ... Read More

From My CP: Vacation Road Trip, Harvest and the End of “Winter’s Comin'”

I saw snow a few weeks ago, just a few flakes that couldn't stick but it was snow.  That was the point when our two seasons changed from "Winter's Coming" to "Winter's Here."  I put on my long johns as soon as I got home.  We had a little bit of "indian summer" but there's ... Read More

Trump Supporters At The Barricades: How They (YOU!) Can Create A Real Populist Revolution Where They (YOU!) Live

October 30, 2017, by Daniel J. Schultz Radio talk show entrepreneur Laura Ingraham has written another book, "Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump."  It is a nice summary of the evolution of our conservative movement from President Ronald Reagan up through the present. But, upon reading the index, critical words ... Read More

Will Virginia MAGA Conservatives Rescue Easy Ed Gillespie?

(Photo: "If you will stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about you" (This remark wasn't appropriated from a Republican, but a Democrat, Adlai Stevenson, their 1952 presidential candidate. And it fell flat for the same reason Rep (Cowboy Hat) Frederica Wilson's accusations against a four-star retired Marine general fell flat ... Read More

When Student-Athletes Played Football

For William F Buckley, Jr, RIP WFB was a Yale man. Frederic Remington, the famous Cowboy & Indian artist also was a Yale man. He was also a football player there, before 1880. His football art is offered here to remind people of how the game was once played by young men, when the men ... Read More