From My CP: Christmas is Gone but this is too Good!

This was forwarded to me by my Dad. He's in his 70's and, even more than me, a product of his fly-over country life. Dad farmed a couple thousand acres till he retired. It's hard work from "see to can't see" and when it needs to be done there ain't no puttin' it off. Now ... Read More

From My CP: 5:00 PM, Tyler Minnesota

"Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly." What a beautiful view, the pinks and blues are the dreams of Renaissance painters, my camera cannot do them justice. I had to take this shot while at work because it's as dark as four feet up a bull's ass by the time I get ... Read More

From My CP: Gary Sinise Rocks

If you're not already a Louder With Crowder fan you will want to check out the interview with Gary Sinese, "The Bob Hope of today." ... Read More

Mitch McConnell’s First 90-Days; a Probationary Watch

Everyone remembers Jimmy Carter as a failed president, but few can remember the '76 Democrat primary, where Carter, an unknown liberal from Georgia, overcame his lack of name-recognition to beat out a field of several better-known's, including Mo Udall, Jerry Brown, Frank Church and George Wallace. I supported Gerald Ford, of course, but had one ... Read More

Michael Goodwin Brings Reality and Unreality Full Circle to Russian Hacking

Michael Goodwin's New York Post Jan 8 article "Democrats Wage anti-Trump Campaign for their Own Gain" is an important read for several reasons. It ties up the real position of Donald Trump, on the one hand, and the Democrat-Media Axis on the role of Russian government involvement in the 2016 election, on the other, into ... Read More

Trump trounces traitor Kasich for 3rd time in 6 months

Featured image courtesy of Incoming ORP Chair Jane Timken and outgoing Chair Matt Borges. Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) just can't get a break. At least from Donald Trump. First Kasich drops out of the 2016 presidential race, not only because Trump was beating him badly, but also because the taxpayers of Ohio were ... Read More

Happy New Year Fellow Deplorables

I certainly cannot predict what 2017 will be like but I know for sure 2016 was one of the best years of my life. The Trump Movement was what we'd hoped it would be for close to a decade. The people rose up and said "Enough!" to the UniParty that mocked us, called us names, ... Read More

German Government Ineptitude, Not Merkel Immigration Policies, Will Bring Her Government Down in 2017

(the Chinese symbol for Chaos) Angela Merkel’s policies on immigration, while the overriding cause of this tragic truck-murder in Berlin, must now take a back seat to the Merkel government’s incompetence and indifference as the more direct cause of these murders. The Bonn government could plausibly frame the need for a million migrant Middle Eastern ... Read More

Syria’s Three (3) Bad Guys Exposed

There were always two bad guys in Syria, ever since the Assad family took over the Ba'ath Party and created a military dictatorship in 1970. Hafez al-Assad ruled Syria until he died in 2000. He ruled with an iron fist, but by what Jeanne Kirkpatrick would have defined as an "authoritarian" regime in terms of ... Read More

Reverse Discrimination? Or Something Else?

What happens when you guys out there are sexually oriented ...towards women? You can get in a heap of trouble, especially if you serve in the US military. In case you have missed it, there have been a slew, and by that we mean dozens, if not hundreds, of military officers cashiered during the reign ... Read More

Biblical Archaeology: Exciting Discovery Sheds Light On Ancient Politics!

Jerusalem, 18 December (FakeBook Press)- Biblical scholars, historians and archaeologists are poring over a new scroll discovered in the caves of Qumran. The "Book of Transitions", chronicling the early days of the Exodus into Sinai, provides fascinating insights into the fissures that developed in Israelite society as it faced the challenges of the post-Pharaonic era ... Read More

The Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI) by Nassim Nicolas Taleb

(We rarely publish other men’s works here, but I want to introduce a singular mind to our readers, for he is a genuine scholar, yet shares the views we’ve written about for many years about the vacuousness of the media in general, and #NeverTrumpsters. Mr Taleb affirms the entire Media Narrative-as-History myth as being just ... Read More

From My CP: December 7th; It’s All in Your Point of View

I hate the cold, despise it. I have to tolerate it but that doesn't mean I like it. I cover my body with long johns and long-sleeved tshirts so that not a breath of the frigid cold touches my skin. It's challenging, the temperature this morning when I took the dogs out to pee was ... Read More

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

And you thought the snowflakes were all on the Left. The latest from David French at NRO: "At this point there has to be an investigation of Russian influence on the 2016 election — and of Russian efforts to influence American politics and discourse more broadly. It has to be bipartisan at least and independent ... Read More

Why Would Vladimir Putin Prefer Donald Trump Over Hillary Clinton?

Fake news is not new. The Benghazi video story was fake news. And we also know its instigators and purpose. There have been plenty more since 2012. The recent narrative of fake-news-in-which-Obama-and-Hillary-are-victims began even before the November election, and probably stemmed from the Wikileaks disclosures from emails hacked from Hillary's staff, themselves arising from the ... Read More

Obama parting gift: $3K cost per person because of regulations

And you all thought Obama would just leave without one last "up yours" to his peons. Think again. This time it's $3,000 per person cost of government regulations, most of which was incurred during his time in office. And guess which government bureaucratic agency was the one to shove us over the $1 trillion cost ... Read More