From My CP: Hell in a Cell, Sputnik Monroe vs. “The Civil-Rights Icon” Rep. John Lewis

I have to thank everyone in the United States for my Christmas and New Years happiness.  It was a wonderful holiday season because I spent it in Colorado Springs with my wife, Doris.  That rocked, but on Christmas Eve afternoon when I was sitting out on the porch in a hoodie, enjoying everything Colorado is ... Read More

Trump and Sessions Must End the California Nullification Crisis Quickly

(I originally titled this piece "Lincoln Fought a Civil War to Keep the South in the Union, What Will Donald Trump Have to Offer to get California to Leave?". It started out a little tongue-in-cheek, but by the time I got to the punch-line I realized it isn't a joke, and a negotiated secession isn't feasible, primarily ... Read More

American Exceptionalism or American Freak-show?

I I recently watched an interview of Barack Obama in which he discussed the parallel views of reality in American politics. It was undated, so I don't know if it was made during his term in office or part of his post-presidency schtik. The topic: regarding the upheaval we're seeing unfold in America now that ... Read More

Who Decides What’s “Basic”?

Why, it's an idea whose time may have come, you see and hear and read over the airwaves these days. The "Universal Basic Income". And not just from the usual suspects, the bleeding-heart communists, either. No, it's being introduced into the parlance in all kinds of circles, from tech companies to conservative think tanks and ... Read More

Rules for Innocents

(First published in 2010, then cut from the original website when the new editors realized I was talking about them here, which is an indicator about how the youth-cult in conservatism is faring.) Underneath the hotel I always stayed in Bulgaria is an (unlicensed) Buddha Bar, where the music blared on until 3-4 AM daily ... Read More

Brit Hume and Donald Trump’s Battered Wife Syndrome Problem

I'm not clairvoyant, but when I watched Diane Feinstein make her "clean bill" case about DACA to President Trump at yesterday's White House open-meeting, I fully understood Donald Trump's reply, "Why sure, that's what we all want." My heart didn't sink, in fact, I hoped Sen Feinstein and even Lindsay Graham would lean back self-satisfiedly ... Read More

What’s New Pussycat? The Hollywood Zeitgeist of the Ages.

Seems the Hollywood Academy Regrets Their Hasty Decision to Banish Harvey Weinstein Although, not for the reasons you think. You see, Hollywood had forgotten their past 20-30 years of moral outrage had always been pretend, or at least selective, but once Harvey was dispatched, that outrage sated, there was a flood of new charges against many more stars, many, actually ... Read More

By an Angel’s Kiss, SFC Mihail Golin, 34, Afghanistan

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices, and the Cello Sings Harmony. SFC Mihail Golin, 34, of Ft Lee, NJ was killed 1 Jan, 2018  in Nangahar Province, Afghanistan by hostile fire He was of 2nd Bn, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Rest in peace, Sergeant Job well done.   I’m asking You God, to give ... Read More

Steve Bannon, Mitch McConnell & the Republican Establishment

Today's latest soap opera being reported on by the malignant media is about a skirmish between a former employee of President Trump, Steve Bannon, and the president. I'm not going to get into the weeds of the story. It is not important, but it is significant because of the behind-the-scenes, as well as public, finger ... Read More

20 Year Olds in Iran keep a Freedom Torch Alive Thought Extinguished 40 Years Ago

20 year-old Iranians are taking to the streets demanding a return of freedoms that were taken away almost 40 years ago, long before they were born. How did they know? Who told them? Meanwhile, many of America’s best and brightest, and most affluent 21-year-olds have been taking to the streets to demand those same freedoms be suppressed ... Read More

The John Wayne Brand and its Silent Reply to His Enemies

For close to ten years, in the late 60s and early 70's, the most hated man in Hollywood was John Wayne. That's right, the Duke. It was all about the Vietnam War, about which you never saw one contemporaneous film released except for Wayne's "Green Berets" - a 1968 film released just as public sentiment was ... Read More

From My CP: A Possum Ran Over My Grave

After a globull warmening inspired November and early December the cold is here.  A couple inches of snow here but a couple inches doesn't even bring out the snow plows.  It's just a fact of live and we all deal with it.  I didn't see a single car in the ditch unlike two inches of ... Read More

The Jefferson-Hamilton Handshake, Can the GOP be Saved?

(Updated from 2010, when Obama-the-idea was still new.) The Hook The GOP establishment has always kept one foot in the water bucket during a thunderstorm; never fixing that hole in the roof, because, when it’s raining, it too wet to go outside, and when it’s sunny, hell, there ain’t no leak. For a century this ... Read More

Self-Radicalize; When You Don’t Have Anything Better to Do

(Photo: Ahmed Khan Rahami, 29, convicted in October 2017 of the September 2016 New York City and New Jersey bombings, injuring 30). In 1992 I took an overnight train from Moscow to Ukraine, with an escort who knew the ropes about getting me on the train without being spotted as a chiseling American traveling as ... Read More

Paid Accusers Have To Be Believed!

Paid accusers have to be believed! Lisa Bloom and her mother Gloria Allred got them some sweet gigs going, don't they? Solicit "donor" funding and round up "accusers", take your cut and get more media exposure. Wonder if Jeb! will be presenting the Allred girls Liberty Medals like he did Hillary? Is this what Peter ... Read More

From My CP: I Wanna Party Like Charlie Sheen

We had a touch of winter in late October up here on the high prairie.  It abated for a couple weeks but it's back now with a vengeance.  Halfway home on my 11 mile drive from work turned to utter and total shit.  Zero visibility, 50 mph winds, snow blowing like farts from satan's ass.  ... Read More